How to Furnish Your Walls at the Thrift Store

Gallery wall made from thrifted items!

I have a hard time spending a lot of money on wall art. I feel horrible saying that. I got my Bachelor’s degree in art, so I – of all people – totally understand the effort and talent that’s required to create good art. Honestly, I’m just cheap. While I might occasionally splurge for a print or photo I really love, my home is hardly a museum. I can’t afford to fill my walls top to bottom with one-of-a-kind art pieces. Continue Reading

The Art of Craigslist: When to Act Fast, and When to Pass

The Art of Craigslist: When to Act Fast, and When to Pass
Photo: Lexy Ward

Craigslist is one of the best resources for buying and selling used items. Unfortunately it can be overwhelming to sift through thousands of results when you're trying to find something special. Here are some tips to help you become a Craigslist pro! 




The Art of Craigslist: When to Act Fast, and When to Pass

ACT FAST – Craigslist is an excellent spot for used designer goods. You can sometimes find the real thing or a knock off. Use key terms like “MCM” for “Midcentury Modern”, or the name of the designer you are on the lookout for. Continue Reading

Home Office: Thriftastic and Modern

created at: 01/11/2011

What?  “Thriftastic” is totally a word.  And really, it’s the best word to describe this cheerful, all-in-one home office/crafting station.  

created at: 01/11/2011

Megan Jeyifo, whose fabulously thrifty style can be seen on her blog Urban Casita, carved out a bright, colorful nook to serve as a work station for crafting and blogging (she also writes for ReadyMade).

created at: 01/11/2011

I love, love, love the way she mixes modern, vintage pieces with more ecclectic thrift store finds (like the magazine rack, which she scored for a mere $6).  Continue Reading

Turn a Pine Dresser Into a Silver Leaf Bedside Table

You know how it goes. Family’s coming in town for the holidays, you’ve thrown your junk into the sparsely furnished spare bedroom and now you’re scurrying to spruce up the joint. One thing you’ll need to win over your mother-in-law is a bedside table instead of a t.v. tray. Grab an old junker at Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a thrift store and quickly get to work. Here’s what you need:

created at: 12/07/2010

created at: 12/07/2010

Barbara at HodgePodge turned an Ikea dresser into a sparkling showpiece. Continue Reading

How To: Bed Bug Free Thrifting

created at: 09/29/2010

Two months ago I got clean. I stopped buying used furniture and other cast-off household decor. Until last Friday. One little left hand turn off the road to Lowes and I was back at my favorite Goodwill store. Oh so what?  I’m not throwing my money away. I’m making charitable contributions. It was different this time. (I mostly bought slick surfaced goodies.)See, my new session of upholstery classes started Wednesday night and one of my favorite students, Nikkole, was back. Continue Reading

Goodwill Kid’s Rocker Moroccan Makeover

created at: 06/30/2010

One late afternoon I stopped into my local Goodwill store. Immediately, I spied this vintage child’s rocker in the furniture area priced at a measly $6.99. Old, worn out, and saggy, I was a little interested, but not quite sold until I saw someone else become very interested in it. It was ON! I slinked around looking at other junk, all crouched down and ready to pounce if he put it back. I spent a minute or so looking for wooden trays and then peeked back around and saw he had passed on it. Continue Reading

How To Make a Pattern from a Thrifted Ugly Slipcovered Chair


Let’s say you find a hideously slipcovered chair at a flea market. You like the lines, hate the fabric. When you peek underneath, you only find more hideous fabric worn threadbare. Is it worth buying? It depends. If you don’t mind buying new fabric, absolutely!


OK, it’s not the same chair but you get the picture.

Slipcovers made twenty or thirty years ago were made to fit! Here’s how you can turn an old ugly slipcover into the pattern for a fresh one. Continue Reading

Dear Goodwill, Are You Getting Too Big For Your Secondhand Britches?

created at: 03/25/2010

Image: Shelly Miller Leer

Table purchased Saturday at a city wide 1/2 price sale at Goodwill.

In one out of ten posts I usually mention a shopping trip to Goodwill. For me, it’s Mecca, one of my favorite places to relax and do some serious creative thinking. I promote you; I laud you on your good works and pure mission, etc. However, the prices on used furniture and furnishings have skyrocketed beyond realistic value. I mean, come on!!! Continue Reading

2 Easy DIY Wall Decorating Ideas

created at: 2009-03-27

Checking in with ApartmentTherapy-Chicago this morning, these two walls by decorator Lindsay Segal, screamed “DIY ME!”  Quick, easy and cheap–take a short stretch of wall, give it some bold horizontal stripes to make the statement, and then add some monochromatic pieces in front of it. Wow!  The second one requires my favorite activity—thrifting.

created at: 2009-03-27

Head over to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any other 2nd hand dive and stock up on plates, plates, plates. For more photos of Lindsay’s fun and budget friendly style, click here. Continue Reading