Eye Candy: Beautiful Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Mosaic tile backsplash
Photo: ToppsTiles

Searching for the perfect mosaic tile backsplash for your kitchen be overwhelming. The sheer number of options is mind-boggling, which means that figuring out a unique style that fits your personality can be difficult. So today we’re sharing some inspiring mosaic tile backsplash ideas that will help you pin down the look you’re going for. Bits of china and tile have never looked so beautiful. Here are a few mosaic back splashes that just might make you start breaking dishes. Continue Reading

Sick of Your Floor Tile? You Should Paint It!

Sick of your floor tile? Paint it! Everything you need to know about floor tile paint.
Photo: Jess McGurn

Most of us have had one at some point or another… an ugly ceramic tiled floor. Well, here's the good news… you don't necessarily have to tear it up – painting is a great option that requires less time and money than re-tiling. Keep reading to learn more about using floor tile paint to give your space a quick, affordable makeover.   


Before and after of painted floor tiles
Photos: Driven By Decor

Would you just look at that red floor tile?! Continue Reading

Vinyl Tiles Go Mod

created at: 06/08/2011

Remember the peel & stick tiles that were all the rage back in the 80’s? They still sell them, of course, and they’re still an affordable and easily DIYed alternative to sheet vinyl. And they scream such. Now, however, Modularity Tiles, has a new vinyl tile line that just might leave the old peel & stick in the dust. Although they are NOT peel & stick, Modularity Tiles are still super-easy to install and are very affordable, ranging in price from $2.00 Continue Reading

My New Kitchen Floor-A Houndstooth Commitment

created at: 10/28/2010

Would you, could you commit to a houndstooth tile kitchen floor? Stephanie (remember the bent utensil mug holder) says she could commit in a minute to the houndstooth floor tiles. Available through Bisazzo Mosaico, and only $77.00 per square foot, you better be committed! Only comes in red and white, but click here to see more simply stunning tile designs.

created at: 10/28/2010

Vintage Leather Belts = Floor Tile

Designer Inghua Ting makes some very beautiful things out of salvaged materials. One of them is floor tile fashioned out of vintage belts. Her in-house artisans sift through the available belts, using about one out

of four available to them, as they only use belts of the highest quality to make the tiles. If you’re wondering about wear-ability, the tiles, according to Ting, stand up about as well as a wood floor. If owners would want to revive the leather tiles, they just need wax them and they’ll look ‘good as new’. Continue Reading

DIY: Leather Rug and Tiles Made From Old Belts

created at: 2009/12/23

Enough of Christmas aleady! Dudecraft got my creative juices flowing today with this post of a round floor covering made from recycled, old belts. Frankly, I think these are brand new belts made to look vintage. Old belts would be very wavy.

This can be done, however.  I’ve made all sorts of things with belts. One summer I volunteered at our State Fair to help out in a booth that did some amazing leathercrafting. Now this is something I can use! Continue Reading

Solar Spanish Tiles.

No more big boxes atop your roof…from now on, you can go green Mediterranean -style.


Solé Power Tiles allow homeowners to make eco-friendly choices without having to sacrifice style…if you want a blue mission roof, that is.

“Created by SRS Energy, the Solé Power Tile features flexible solar panels produced by United Solar Ovonic.  Each of these is embedded inside the high-performance polymer tiles, which are lightweight, unbreakable and fully-recyclable.  They claim it performs even better than run-of-the-mill solar panels when put through high-heat and dynamic-lighting conditions. Continue Reading

Bathroom Makeovers: Clean and Classic

created at: 2009-09-10

Photo Image: Kevin Oreck Architect, Inc.

This winter may be the winter of remodeling two full upstairs bathrooms. I figure I’ll learn with the first one and be an expert by the time I’m ready for the master bath. Cococozy has compiled a wonderfully classic and modern collection of bathroom ideas to consider. Mr. Tall requires a higher sink so I’m wondering if two sinks of different heights would be all wrong. created at: 2009-09-10

Photo Image: Coco of Cococozy

Fabulous tile floor! Continue Reading

Eco Friendly Alternative: Reface Laminate Countertops

created at: 2009-08-28

Ugly laminate countertops can make us do crazy things, like trying to paint them. I’ve never really tried it but the thought has crossed my mind. Take a look at this resurfacing system that was developed in Canada and is being sold by ecocountertopsUSA, Canada and Australia.

created at: 2009-08-28

For a fraction of the cost of ripping out old laminate and replacing it with granite or a solid surface material, a trained technician will apply the water based, toxin free, low odor, environmentally friendly fresh surface in 4-5 hours. Continue Reading

Curbly Recession Busters: Subway Tile Backsplash for Under $95.00

created on: 10/23/08

My tiling project in the kitchen that cost less than $95.00 and one weekend opens up all sorts of new decorating possibilities.  Constrained by the in-your-face handpainted tiles of a decade ago, there was limited flexibility in color choices. Keeping permanent fixtures neutral and changing up paint, art, and kitchen chair upholstery makes much more sense, both financially and visually.  I even feel a little smug that I’m living with my less-than-beloved painted white cabinets as a testament to my commitment to improve, rather than throw away.  Continue Reading