12 Camper Makeovers that will Amaze You

I’m going to let you all in on a little dream of mine. I want to makeover a vintage camper SO badly! I’m a little more concerned with buying a house right now (ugh), but one day, I would love nothing more than to purchase a rundown vintage trailer and make it over into the cutest, coziest trailer to take on adventures and camping trips. Since I’m more interested in “glamping” than actual camping, these camper makeovers seemed like the perfect inspiration for me.  Continue Reading

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Tiny Porch this Summer

If you've ever lived in an apartment or a really tiny house, you probably understand the struggle of a tiny outdoor space. Generally, tiny porches are the only type of porches you'll find with an apartment. While a tiny porch is better than no porch at all, sometimes you have to get creative with the small space you have with small balcony furniture and space saving solutions. Luckily, I've rounded up a bunch of ways to make the most of your tiny porch this summer, including DIYs, storage solutions and just plain cute pieces to add to your porch.  Continue Reading

10 Ways to Love Your Rental Bathroom

Ugly apartment bathroom solutions: From moldy caulk lines to ugly shower doors, here's one renters take on how to deal with an unsightly restroom.

If you have ever leased a home, you know the struggles that can plague a rental bathroom. Unless it's a brand new building, the restroom is likely going to have a unique set of unfortunate details. I've been a renter for all of my adult life. I've seen my fair share of bizarre bathroom situations – from lime green walls to landline phone accessibility next to the tub (true story). My current apartment bathroom has it's own flaws that over time I've either figured out how to disguise or how to live with. Continue Reading

40 Mini Living Spaces We’re Crushing On

Tiny living is having a moment. And while I’d love to throw out all my belongings and start fresh, I just don’t see that happening anytime soon. There are so many ways to maximize the style in the home you already have, and whether you’re living in 200 square feet or a 1000, you can still live large in a small space! Check out all the inspiration to be had in any of these 40 spaces!  Continue Reading

Wagon Crib and More Unexpected Brazilian Decor You’ll Want to DIY

This 300 square foot apartment of São Paulo design boutique owner is undoubtedly a testament to well planned space.  After thoroughly gawking and appreciating the floor to ceiling curved bookcase walls, do yourself a favor and feast your eyes on some of the unexpected decor elements that can easily and successfully be DIY’d.  Like the crib wagon, these are simply brilliant turns of ordinary materials. DIY Disasters–my foot!!The show stopping bookcase walls.

Check out the graffiti painted oil drum used as an art pedestal. Continue Reading

182 Square Foot Apartment with an UPSTAIRS

created at: 09/14/2010

How do you pack a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and hallway into an apartment that measures 11′ x 3″ wide by 16′  x 2″ deep by 10′ x 4″ tall? You add a second floor, of course. The owner, airplane interiors engineer and Seattle resident Steve Sauer, is quite happy with his compact crib, which includes a soaking tub (set into the floor by the front door), two beds, a video lounge and a full kitchen with a dishwasher. Continue Reading

For Sale: The Tiniest House in the World

Okay, it might not be the smallest house in the world, but it is billed as the smallest house in Toronto. Nestled between two larger homes, the 300 square foot 1912 ‘Little House’ is back on the market ($172K US) after an extensive remodel. A smart use of limited space, the design includes a Murphy bed and a kitchen with a folding table and chairs. The home also features a living room (when the Murphy is folded up), a narrow bathroom and a basement (accessible via trap door) as well. Continue Reading