Mini PreFab

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A 12 x 12 foot bedroom is a pretty good sized bedroom, no? Now imagine if that room’s dimensions were the dimensions of an entire house. Well, that’s the size of James Stuart’s Twelve3 prefab home.    He started Twelve3 about a year ago and plans to manufacture homes like his flat-packed and ready for shipping. The buyers would be responsible for assembling the homes. Prices would start at $25K CDN.

The 144 square foot homes will include a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space.  Continue Reading

The Tricycle House

A clever designer found an innovative way to combat the soaring housing prices in Hong Kong; he built a home on the back of his tricycle. The 3' x 4' house might be small, but it features book shelves, a writing desk and a bed–although your legs stick outside when you use it. Via Reuters.