An Evening Cleaning Tip That will Change Your Life

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Conduct one Pinterest search, and you’ll quickly discover: there is no shortage of cleaning hacks out there. Of course, some of them more reasonable than others. I once read a tip suggesting that instead of dusting my window blinds, I should wash them all at once in the bathtub. Brimming with misplaced cleaning confidence that only a long Pinterest session can inflict, this seemed like a brilliant idea. The inevitable and unfortunate results? Continue Reading

The Best Resources for Upgrading Your IKEA Furniture

The Best Resources for Upgrading Your IKEA Furniture
photo: PANYL

Some people look down on IKEA furniture. I can somewhat understand why – people can end up with the same stuff, the products are a pain to set up, the quality is so-so. But the cost and style pull me in! I don’t want to sacrifice my savings for my home decor. And while I love IKEA, I love it more for the fact that it is easily customizable. A coat of paint, a backing of wallpaper, new legs, and you’ve got yourself a completely different piece of furniture! Continue Reading

Quick Tips: How To Get The Color On Your Wall To Match The Paint Chip

Photo: Chris Loves Julia

You’ve picked the perfect gray paint chip. You painted a swatch on your wall and it was lovely. Then, once you painted the whole room, the gray started looking blue-ish/purple! Has this ever happened to you? Find out why!     

 I never really considered the paint color I’m painting over. If it’s a dark color, I just planned to do more coats and waste more paint! That’s the logical thing to do, right? Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Wash.


Whether your produce is treated or straight from your own organic-method backyard, it’s always wise to wash it before consuming. If commercial, washing will remove any chemicals, waxes, or supplements, and if natural, it can help rid your goodies of dirt or insects. A quick spray ‘wash’ helps save water, plus “most chemicals used on produce won’t be washed off with a simple application of water—if they were, they wouldn’t be very effective in the face of growing season rainfall.” Continue Reading

6 Alternate Uses for Aluminum Foil

created on: 02/04/09   created on: 02/04/09

or ‘AluminIum’ foil for the Brit contingent. Real Simple has 6 things
to do with foil, and very useful they are too. Though bizarrely, they
haven’t added ‘use whole roll to make suit of armour
when drunk’ or ‘fashion hat to thwart brain-wave stealing aliens’
to the list. But you can:

  • use it to iron dedicates
  • add those cool stripes to grilled food
  • get better TV… They don’t mean that it blocks Everybody Loves Raymond, just that it can clear up your picture quality.
Continue Reading

How To: Hide Wires in Between Your Carpet and Wall.

This trick is a classic: Instructable-maker Condongolev highlights the basic, but clever, technique of sliding cables, cords, and wires in that tiny groove between the carpet and the wall. Just extend the wire, and use a pointed, but blunt object (like a broken pencil) to push it into the little space. Works great for speaker wire, coax cable, power supplies, etc.

Bulk Freeze with Individual Portions.

With only two people in my house, there’s always food to freeze. But that big iceberg of sauce can take hours to bring to temp, plus I usually don’t need all of it. Sure, I could freeze things in smaller containers, but that wastes bags or those plastic boxes, plus it takes up much more space.

This tip from Lunch in a Box offers a solution:”A standard tip for freezing ground foods or thick sauces in small
portions is to first put the food into a large freezer bag and press it
out as flat as possible, eliminating air pockets. Continue Reading