Why Bidets Are the Bomb (An Argument)

a bidet toilet seat thumbs up. Try one today!

A bidet toilet seat is contrivance for post-evacuatory cleaning of your posterior, and it's the awesomest thing you never knew you wanted in your bathroom. Most people in the United States think bidets are weird and gross, but I guarantee (not like, legally or anything, but still) that once you have one in your house, you'll never, ever, want to poop anywhere else. That's right folks, I said it; doing a poo and wiping up water-less is just nasty.  Continue Reading

Reveal: A Dingy Bathroom Gets a Breath of Fresh Air

After years of dreaming of our perfect bathroom, we had honed in on a look that we knew we would be pleased with for years to come. I pinned and pinned my little heart out until Pinterest finally started saying, “This looks familiar; didn't you already pin this?” Our vision was set, now we just needed to find a way to bring this vision to life.


As you saw a few days ago, we had our work cut out for us. Continue Reading

4 Year Old Boy’s Christmas Wish: A Dual-Flush Toilet

Dustin Kruse isn’t your typical 4 year old boy. At least when it comes to his fascination with toilets. And what he asked Santa for Christmas.

Dustin begged his parents to take him to the Kohler Design Center in his hometown of Kohler, Wisconsin earlier this year. After spending 3 hours in the design center and accumulating a stack of product brochures, Dustin announced his wish for Christmas. He said he was going to ask Santa for a “full-flush half-flush toilet.” Continue Reading

Transform Your Toilet into a Dual-Flush for $20

created at: 09/26/2011

Some of the coolest things found in our (still relatively) new Target Center here in Minneapolis are the dual flush toilets in the rest rooms. (Yes, such things thrill me.) Dual-flush toilets are gaining popularity in residential applications as well. They can cost anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to a couple thousand, so swapping out your old water guzzler to a dual-flush may be cost prohibitive. Especially when, like mine, the old thrones are in working order. Continue Reading

A toilet made out of poop.


Cast your eyes upon Virginia Gardiner’s LooWatt,  a toilet made out of poop. The waterless toilet collects solid waste which is deposited into a container lined with ‘a carbon impregnated biodegradable film’ made of starch. When the container is full, the poop is harvested from the toilet and taken to an anaerobic digester (a poop eater) that captures the resultant methane gas which then can be used as a fuel source. That, ladies and gentlemen, is TRUE waste management. Continue Reading

Upholstered Toilet


Lineatre makes some seriously ornate bathroom furnishings. Their upholstered toilet seat pretty much sums up their esthetic. We’re not talking Kushy Tushy here. These seats are ‘punctuated with deep, diamante buttons’. Available in ‘glamorous gold’ or ‘gracious white’. 


If you’re worried that your upholstered seat would look out of place in your bathroom, you could put in a coordinating, upholstered bathtub.



Toilet Paper Gone Wild!

created on: 01/19/09

Who says you can’t find inspiration in a roll of toilet paper? Note that the tissue is pink as well. Since such ‘girly’ t.p. doesn’t appeal to everybody, the same idea against a more colorful background with a white and grey, blue, etcetera t.p. wave could look equally funky and fun as well.

(I’ve since lost the link to this pic, so my apologies to the originator. If anybody knows who that might be, please leave a comment!) Continue Reading

Could you do your ‘business’ in a see-through public toilet?

Constructed by Monica Bonvicini, this public toilet, called ‘Don’t Miss a Sec.’, is made of 2-way mirrors. In Monica’s own words ‘”Don’t Miss a Sec.” is about the desire and failure to “see it all” which is a strong trait in modernism. This work absurdly pushes at the limits of what is public and what is private and offers a perfomative element in which inside and outside are blurred together.’ But back to my question: Could you do your ‘business’ in it? Continue Reading