Make This: Minimal Magnetic Towel Bar

Make this minimal magnetic towel bar

Currently I’m living in a place with a kitchen that must hold some sort of record for tininess. There are four drawers, a couple of cabinets, and exactly one countertop. Said countertop is about 2.5 square feet, and that’s literally my entire cooking workspace. Suffice it to say, I need to be wise about kitchen organization if I want to keep from going crazy. Knowing there’s absolutely no room to store things horizontally, I recently went vertical with this magnetic paper towel holder.     Continue Reading

Roundup: 12 Modern Bathmats and Towels

created at: 08/09/2012
Think your only option in bath linens is plain white? Think again! We’ve rounded up some fun, modern towels and bathmats that are anything but ordinary. Get ready to embrace some color and pattern!    

1. Raindrop Bath Towel
2. Cirrus Bathmats
3. Origami Rug
4. Reversible Green Bath Towels
created at: 08/09/2012
5. Ombre Border Bathmat
6. Doodle Rug
7. Organic Wood Grain Towel
8. Abstract Rug
created at: 08/09/2012
9. Spin Rug
10. Striped Towel
11. Marimekko Bottna Towel
12. Arizona Rug

12 Ways to Use a Tea Towel.


Studiopatro is a San Francisco design studio that creates amazing typographic, nature, and geometric-inspired tea towel. Their work is so beautiful you’ll want to do way more than simply dry dishes, and thankfully, they’ve offered twelve ideas to use tea towels in your life and decor.

  • Easy apron
  • Frame-able art
  • Line your tea tray
  • Protect your tender hands 
  • Dry fresh greens
  • Create a cushion
  • Give as gifts
  • Wrap as gift wrap
  • Line your bread basket
  • As a napkin or table cloth
  • As a placemat or table runner
  • Wrap a wine bottle

Check out the amazing photos of the suggestions here. Continue Reading

Make a spa towel head wrap.

After a long hard day of diy-ing, who doesn’t like to take a long hot shower and wash the paint flecks and garden soil out of their hair? To make your sudsy experience spa-rific, you might want to bang out one of these diy spa head towel wraps. It’s a great way of reusing an old flimsy towel too!

To make one, you’ll need:

  • an old towel (or a new one if you want to make a wrap as a gift)
  • a bit of elastic
  • a button
  • tape measure, thread, scissors and sewing machine
  • and Marmadaisy’s very handy tutorial!
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