Gift Guide: 14 Sweet and Unique Gifts for Kids

Gift guide: 14 unique gifts for kids

If I’m being honest, I have to admit I spent altogether waaaay too long putting together this gift guide. I just couldn’t help getting completely caught up in the myriad of amazing toys and gifts available for kids these days. And best of all, many of them are handmade! Click through for my favorite finds.          


Wood toy camera

 1. Got a budding photographer in your midst? They’ll love this wooden camera (that comes in a variety of colors) by Indie Owl – $30


Play tent

2. Continue Reading

How To: A Minimalist Do-It-Yourself Wooden Baby Gym

After seeing baby gym after baby gym with plastic this and fuzzy that, this wooden minimalistic version is a welcome change! If you’ve got a baby on the way, or just want to make this as a gift for a loved one, try your hand at this surprisingly simple project!      


This is an excellent option for parents who prefer a minimalist home! Check out the full tutorial over on The Merrythought! Continue Reading

Make It: Play & Display Art In The Kids Room

play & display art
photo: Tidbits

Because I'm a parent, I'm always searching the web for ways to decorate in a family-friendly, but still aesthetically pleasing way. And it's tough out there! This idea is one that I can get on board with and is a great way to please the designer in us all!      


display and play art
photo: Tidbits

You let the kids play with the toys, and when they're done, hang up the toys and put them on display! It helps when your toys are gorgeous and wooden! Continue Reading

Roundup: 12 Cool DIY Cardboard Playhouses and Toys for Kids

If you have a cardboard box hoarding problem (who doesn’t in the age of online shopping?), consider turning them into one of these kid-friendly playhouses or toys!      

DIY Cardboard Playhouses by A Beautiful Mess

DIY Cardboard Car by Ikat Bag

Cardboard Stick Animal DIY Kits by Flatout Frankie [via moodkids]

DIY Collapsible Cardboard Playhouse by SheKnows

DIY Cardboard Washing Machine by Estefi Machado

DIY Cardboard Rocket by Kate’s Creative Space

DIY Cardboard Dog House by Ikat Bag

Cardboard Airplanes by Melissa McFadden [via The Frosted Petticoat]

DIY Cardboard Oven by Ikat Bag

DIY Cardboard Playhouse by Maija Ukko

DIY Cardboard Castle by Christiane Lemieux

DIY Cardboard Mailbox by Ikat Bag

Need some tips on how to get started working with cardboard? Continue Reading

How To: Make a Modern DIY Playhouse!

created at: 07/31/2012
As a kid, I would make houses and forts out of cardboard boxes, sheets, and the odd chair or two. This DIY playhouse takes a similar approach, albeit much more aesthetically pleasing. You won’t have to look at dirty boxes and your kid’s imagination can still run wild: win-win!    

This minimalist playhouse is made from 1x1s and is super simple to build — check out the basic instructions over on Scandinavian Deko. Once you have the frame built, you can leave the wood raw or let its pint-sized resident choose the paint color! Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Wooden Gradient Blocks

created at: 07/05/2012

Whether used as a learning tool for kids or simply as a decorative coffee table or bookshelf object, these DIY wooden gradient blocks are easy to make — and gorgeous!    


created at: 07/05/2012

For kids, these blocks are a great way to introduce and learn about colors, color tone and gradation, and hue matching. For the home, well, they just look pretty! Merrilee Liddiard from Mer Mag shares all the details for creating these gradient blocks over on Handmade Charlotte. Continue Reading

Random But Cool: How to Make Bouncy Balls from Common Household Items!

created at: 01/04/2012

I realize that this how-to strays a bit from our normal fare, but goshdarnit, it’s too cool not to share!  Maybe it’s the overgrown kid inside me or my love of science (have I told y’all I was in the science club in high school??  Geek to the max.), but the idea of making bouncy balls–from scratch–out of regular ol’ household items totally intrigues me.  If you’re equally intrigued, or just want to impress your five-year-old, check out what you’ll need below!    Continue Reading

Roundup: 7 Awesome DIY Plastic Animal Projects!

created at: 11/09/2011

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s a regular ol’ animal invasion on the DIY front!  Yes, 2011 is the year plastic animals finally got their due.  From dinosaur planters to, um, jungle-themed ‘derriere’ magnets, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite plastic animal projects.  Enjoy!  


created at: 11/09/2011

Gilded party animal candle holders from The Sweetest Occasion are festive and fun! Kelly suggests snagging your materials for cheap from Target’s dollar bin.

created at: 11/09/2011

No “butts” about it, these animal magnets from Steph Mantis are pure silliness… and totally awesome. Continue Reading

Make It: A DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game!

created at: 08/31/2011

Kids of all ages (and even kids at heart – I’m lookin’ at you!) will get a kick out of this colorful DIY memory game!  

Summer may be winding down, but the party (and popsicles) can go year-round with this cute twist on the classic memory matching game.  Amy Moss, the talented designer and blogger behind the popular blog Eat Drink Chic, kindly created this tutorial and FREE download for our amusment.  Thanks, Amy!

created at: 08/31/2011

For this craft project, you will need:

  • Smooth white letter-sized cardstock (x2)
  • Popsicle sticks (x12)
  • Craft / Xacto knife
  • Ruler
  • Cutting board
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Color printer

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, head on over to Eat Drink Chic for the full tutorial, game instructions, and free popsicle printables! Continue Reading

Make It: Kid-Friendly Popsicle Stick Magnets!

created at: 08/23/2011

Here at Curbly, we love a good magnet, especially if we can make a bunch and make ’em ourselves.  What could possibly be better than that?  Super colorful magnets made from recycled materials that allow for spontaneous creativity and fun in the kitchen!  Sold?  Read on!  

Brooke Fish, the blogger and crafty designer behind Pure and Noble, came up with this clever solution to use up old popsicle sticks and those ubiquitous, local business refrigerator magnets that arrive in every mailer or are attached to every phone book in the world.   Continue Reading