Before and After: A Massive Vintage Trailer Transformation

Before and After: A Massive Vintage Trailer Transformation
Photo: Vintage Revivals

This grungy, retro trailer needed more than just a little TLC. But the right people got their hands on it, and transformed it into a bright, colorful little living space with the perfect amount of vintage charm.   


Before and After: A Massive Vintage Trailer Transformation
Photo: Vintage Revivals

The new space was infused with a healthy dose of character, thanks to the creative minds over at Vintage Revivals. And the best part? Many of the elements in the trailer were do-it-yourself projects, and come with tutorials.  Continue Reading

Before and After: A Celebrity Trailer Gets A Dramatic Makeover

Before and After: A Celebrity Trailer Gets A Dramatic Makeover
Photo: Domaine

I always imagine actors’ trailers to be beautiful inside. Well-designed and luxurious. Well this one certainly isn’t either of those things. But just wait until you see the dramatic makeover. Click through to see the new space and to find out who the trailer belongs to.   


Before and After: Celebrity Trailer Makeover
Photo: Domaine

The celebrity is Ellen Pompeo! The new space is a drastic improvement… while the original trailer had more of a utilitarian vibe, this new look is lighter, more glamorous, and feels much more welcoming. Continue Reading

Trailer Living Off the Grid In Style

created at: 2009-11-03

Never say never, as in “You’d never catch me dead living in a trailer!” I’d gladly haul this little 350 square foot, fully sustainable vacay home around the country. It would beat timeshares and hotel bills. The only one of its kind ever built, this wind and solar powered trailer is being sold for a mere $100,000. It offers off-grid living in modern style, comfort and convenience. It even has a loft for some occasional ‘alone time’. Continue Reading

1970 Airstream Renovation


Deb snagged a 1970 22′ Land Yacht on Craig’s List for $3,700. She had planned to turn it into an ‘office/girly space’. The resulting $2,000 remodel of–and her love for–the Airstream that she’s named ‘Jewels’ proved too much for occasional use; she’s now living in the trailer full time on Salt Spring Island, BC.

The living space after:


The workspace:


The galley:


Via This Tiny House.


Flatpack To Go: IKEA Debuts Bike Trailers.

Those brilliant, brilliant Danes, who’ve given us Jacobsen, Panton, Lars Von Trier, aebleskivers, Hamlet and Beowulf, are now providing IKEA shoppers with no-charge bicycles and trailers to cart their flatpacked goods home. “IKEA initiated the program upon finding that roughly 20% of their
Danish customers ride their bicycles to the stores, even though most of
them live outside of the city. Now for a nominal deposit they can
borrow a trailer equipped bike that makes hauling moderately sized
loads a breeze. Continue Reading

Build your own mobile home with FREE vintage designs!

created on: 07/10/08

For the DIYer who has a penchant for vintage and wanderlust, nothing could be cooler than making your own classic trailer. Not to be attempted by the faint of heart, I’m guessing, but what a cool  project! I’m partial to the ‘lemon drop’, pictured above, but the ‘teardrop’ below is pretty sweet too. For links to these designs and others, visit Uncooped.


Trailer Chic: The Vision of Christopher Deam

Little did Christopher Deam know when he and fellow architect Thom Faulder designed Deam’s brother’s 675 square foot bungalow back in 1992 that his career would take him to the world of trailer parks. To appreciate the unfolding of this story, we need to start with Deam’s childhood.

Born in 1962 to a naval pilot father, Chris lived a nomadic life, moving from one coast to the other and back again. From here it’s an easy leap to see how this constant mobility coupled with the influences of both aircraft and sea craft influenced the design of that little bungalow. Continue Reading