How To: Make the Ultimate, Reusable Fruit Fly Trap

DIY Fruit Fly Trap
Learn how to get rid of fruit flies for good.

Ah … summertime. The pinnacle of the produce season means amazing things for your palate: sun-ripened fruit, homegrown vegetables, and fresh herbs for days.

Unfortunately, ripe produce also invites other guests to the flavor party: fruit flies. These little monsters (drosophilidae), with their big red eyes and kneejerk-wave inspiring flight patterns, aren't terribly harmful (they have a lifecycle of around ten days)…they're just really, really annoying. Continue Reading

How to Make a Cheap and Easy Wasp Trap

The Garden Grapevine shows us how to turn a plastic soda bottle into a wasp trap. Chances are you have everything you need to make one! Oh, and it’ll trap other flying insects too–but no mosquitoes. 

What you’ll need to make one:

  • 1 plastic soda bottle, either 2 or 3 liter
  • wire or string to hang the trap
  • cotton balls or 1″ x 1″ pieces of sponge
  • a few drops of fruit flavored soda, but I’m guessing Kookaid would work too
  • scissors
  • nail or punch

To read the entire tute, head on over to this page on The Garden Grapevine. Continue Reading

How to catch a mouse with a toilet paper tube.

Awhile back Chris Glass had a mouse in the house. After the little critter got a little too cheeky, Chris decided they could not coexist. A toilet paper roll, a cracker and a dab of peanut butter and an hour later, the interloper was captured…humanely. Here’s how he did it.

1. Get a toilet paper tube and crease two lines to form a flat sided tunnel.

2. Put a treat on one end of the tube: A cracker and dab of peanut butter works great.

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