Does Your Trash Can Stink? Try This Simple Trick to Get Rid of Odors

Trash can odors tips and tricks

Has this happened to you? You come home and open your front door, only to immediately get hit with a whiff of something nasty? Ick. Chances are, that unpleasant odor was your kitchen trash. It's inevitable. Trash can odors are going to happen, but there are things you can do to fight the stank. Today I'm sharing a quick trick for eliminating trash can odors, plus some other pointers for keeping the smell at bay.          

Your kitchen trash can has to deal with a lot of nastiness. Continue Reading

How to: Easy DIY PANTONE Trash Can

How-To: Easy DIY PANTONE Trash Can

As a designer and blogger, I have a bit of an obsession with color. So naturally, I love PANTONE swatches. One day I looked over at my sad little white trash can and I realized that it would be the perfect blank slate to use for a project. Thus, my PANTONE trash can was born. Read on to check out the final product.   


How-To: Easy DIY PANTONE Trash Can
Photo: Faith Towers

It's quirky, colorful and fun… what more could you want from a trash can? Continue Reading

Turn Your Trash into Holiday Gift Wrap

See this gift? See how it’s all pretty and shiny? Would you believe me if I told you it was made from… trash?! That’s right! You won’t believe what this package is wrapped in!      

 If you can, take the recycle route when it comes to gift wrap this holiday season. Drawings Under The Table shares how you can create gorgeous holiday wrapping with an item most likely found in your trash! This present is wrapped in a potato chip bag! Continue Reading

How to make a ‘trash flap’

Check this out…some of the Crafty Daisies thought it would be a grand idea if they popped out the decorative wooden piece above the cupboard under the sink where they keep their garbage can and install a ‘flap’. Yup, just like in fast food restaurants.

The flap itself is made of a sandwich of thick fabric, which is Velcro-ed in. A scrap of drywall glued onto the back of the flap gives it body and makes it close ‘automatically’. Continue Reading

DIY Project: Packing Peanut Chandelier.

Bryan, the obviously clever boyfriend of Molly Dash, created this beautiful lighting fixture from everyone’s favorite inspiration…trash. Made of a bit more than packing peanuts and some glue, it’s truly elegant example of very, very upcycling.


1. Large box of packing peanuts
2. Half gallon of wood glue
3. Large clear trash bag (leaf bag)
4. Medium-heavy gauge copper wire for hanging (18 ga.)
5. Needle nose pliers for hanging
6. Sewing needle
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14 Creative Ways to ReUse Your Garbage.

Look into your garbage can: see anything that might still have some life left to it? Here's fourteen suggestions from the Simple Dollar to use your refuse in new and creative ways.

Use covers from issues of The New Yorker as gift wrapping.

Add used dryer sheets to your stored clothes.

Make kitchen scrubbers with rubber bands from the Sunday paper and the mesh wrapping from fruit.

Use orange and lemon peels as air fresheners.

Use empty Kleenex boxes for under-the-sink storage, such as especially plastic bags. Continue Reading

8 Ways to Conquer Clutter.

You have things that you haven't used in years. Stuff that doesn't fit. Stuff that's ugly. BeingParent offers 8 tips to help you Let Go of Clutter.

1. Throw it away.

2. Get storage containers.

3. Free Stuff is not always good.

4. Give it away.

5. Sell it.

6. Shred it.

7. Get professional help.

8. Create and Stick to a schedule.




How To Create “Fabric” From Trash Bags.

My college roommate learned this technique in an art class, after which we used to “borrow” garbage bags from the maitenance closet and make rain covers for our bikes and portable hampers/laundry baskets.

I saw an article in a book that recommended using newspaper bags, but that produces a small piece after folding, which means ALOT of sewing to piece it together. Plastic bags from the grocery store would work as well.


   Plastic garbage bags


    Ironing board

    Wax or Parchment paper


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A Bin Bin Alternative

Check out Scandinavian Design Center’s Bin Bin wastebasket, which looks very much like the contents it holds. The John Brauer creation is clever, but I’ll leave it up to you to determine if the 331 x 330 mm receptacle is worth its 60 dollar price tag. As for me, a trip to my local fabric/craft store this weekend turned up a 250 x 220 mm plastic ice bucket, on sale for $2.50, which I’m now using in my craft room as a trash can. Continue Reading