18 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re Obsessed with House Exteriors


Who to follow on Instagram if houses are your jam!

When it comes to people, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. When it comes to houses, the outside can be pretty impressive too! Here at Curbly we love a good-lookin’ exterior, so we’re sharing with you a few of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow if you love the look of a beautiful home. From mansions to tiny houses, old and new alike – we’ve got you covered.       


Follow These Home Exterior Insta Accounts | No. 1: Patticake Wagner

1. Patticake Wagner: Starting with a local to the Twin Cities, Patti strolls around Minneapolis finding the cutest and classiest houses on the block. Continue Reading

Shopping Guide: 10 Pieces of Luggage To Help You Travel In Style 

10 pieces of luggage to help you travel in style
Photo: Revolve

It’s always fun to travel, but what makes it even more fun? New luggage, of course! Here are 10 of the best to help you hit the airport runway in style! 



1. A linen garment bag to hold those suits or dresses! Mark & Graham for $99

2. A set of beautiful rose gold pieces! Neiman Marcus for $495

3. A messenger bag with all the pockets that doesn’t skimp on style. Continue Reading

10 Gear Essentials for Traveling Light

Shopping Guide: Essential Gear for Light Travel
Pin It: Essential Gear for Light Travel

Packing light helps make any trip soooo much easier. Here are 10 essential items to help you accomplish light travel on your next vacation.    


1. Damai Universal Cable Organizer

This slim case helps you keep all you necessary electronic cables and chargers organized.


Essential Gear for Light Travel


Essential Gear for Light Travel


2. Allett Classic Leather Slim Wallet

Bulky wallets take up space in purses, and for men are uncomfortable for travel. Allet has come up with a slim wallet that will hold up to 24 cards, cash, change and receipts without becoming bulky.

Continue Reading

10 Travel Essentials I Would Never Leave Home Without

10 Travel Essentials I Would Never Leave Home Without

I’ve always loved to travel, and I’ve started to hone my packing skills over the years. So now I have a list of items that I wouldn’t dare leave home without. And I’m sharing them with you today! Keep reading to check ’em out.   


10 Travel Essentials I Would Never Leave Home Without
Photo: Hanamer on Etsy

1. Wrap Scrarf – I always bring a light but large wrap scarf that can be worn as a blanket on the plane or as a fashion statement on a chilly night. Continue Reading

Live Here: Tiny Custom Homes With Luxurious Finishes

Custom Build Tiny HomesThe finishes in this kitchen are amazing, right? It looks like a luxury space that I could spend most of my days in. And the rest of the home is just as stunning. The kicker? It’s the littlest home I’ve ever seen!       


Custom Tiny HomesDoesn’t that just make you want to throw all your belongings away, and just drive your house around while you see the country? Me too. The base package for these tiny homes starts at $65,000 making them an affordable place to start! Continue Reading

Make Your Own Stylish Sunglasses Pouch

When I’m not losing a pair of sunglasses to life, I’m losing them to scratches. I am awful at keeping them in a case or pouch while they’re not on my head! That means they’re in my purse, banging around and scraping up against whatever happens to be floating around in my bag that day. I just couldn’t find a pouch that fit my requirements, but then I saw this sweet project idea to make my own! Continue Reading

12 Affordable Modern Homes to Stay In on Your Next Vacation

is a service that helps connect people who have homes, apartments, or spare rooms to rent. On principle, I love the idea (why bother with hotels when you can stay in a real person’s house?), but in practice, I have to admin results are mixed. We used AirBnB for a trip to New York City last year, and the place wasn’t nearly as nice as the pictures made it out to be. 

Still, if you just want to window shop, AirBnB is one of the best places on the Web to get tours of amazing living spaces around the world. Continue Reading

10 Tips for a Delightful Summer Road Trip


Nothing says summer like a road trip. Some of the best trips are short and sweet and no matter what happens, memories are made on the road.  Here are 10 simple tips that will make it easier to jump in the car and get-a-goin’. Here are a few things to get you started:1. Rent a car instead of driving your SUV

2. Look at a real map, don’t rely on your GPS

3. Try camping under the stars

To see more, click here. Continue Reading

6 Former Prisions Turned into Luxury Hotels

The Big House has never looked so good! ZME Travel has put together a list of 6 former prisons that have been renovated and turned into luxury hotels. Pictured above is the Four Season Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey. Below is the Breakwater Lodge, Cape Town, South Aftrica.

Malmaison, Oxford, UK

Liberty Hotel, Boston, USA

Hotel Katajanokka, Helsinki, Finland

Hotel Loewengraben, Lucern, Switzerland

For more pictures and information about each hotel–including contact information–please visit this page on ZME Travel. Continue Reading