How To: Make a DIY Ombre Glass Pendant Light

created at: 10/15/2012

Just when I was getting a little antsy with the ombre trend*, THIS project comes along. Dang you, awesome lighting projects! You get me every time.     

This gorgeousness comes to us from Design Love Fest and it’s such a simple-yet-brilliant idea it hurts. I am totally having a “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment. Hardcore. Check out the easy-to-follow and beautifully photographed tutorial right here.

*What trends are you in love with and which do you wish would kindly see themselves out the door? Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Color-Blocked Coasters!

created at: 06/14/2012

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but for some reason I’m a total sucker for coasters. Maybe because they’re small, cute, and functional?? Who knows… But I do know that these DIY color-blocked coasters are just too fantastic not to share!    

These lovely little numbers were part of the Poppytalk Lookbook but recently made their way onto the site as a full-blown DIY. I’m glad they did because, as I mentioned previously, I’m nursing a healthy coaster obsession. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Modern DIY Geometric Lampshade

created at: 06/04/2012

I recently returned home from a trip to ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), where everything was brass-y, angular goodness. It was a neo-80s explosion. In a good way. So, spying a low-cost, DIY version of all this shiny metallic high-brow design was quite exciting!   

A trip to the hardware store for some thin metallic tubing is all you’ll really need to get started on your own design-y lampshade. After that, it’s all about bending and folding to create an interesting shape, according to Riikka Kantinkoski, the blogger and DIYer behing Weekday Carnival. Continue Reading

DIY Decor Idea: A Spring Antler Centerpiece

created at: 05/03/2012

I’m in full support of the painted antler trend that’s been floating around for a while, especially if it combines pretty little bud vases and springtime blooms like this one!   

This particular white and gold version comes from A Subtle Revelry and would make a beautiful everyday centerpiece or would be perfect for a special event (like a wedding, maybe?).

created at: 05/03/2012

There’s not a whole lot in the tutorial department, but the main idea is to paint the antlers white, tape off the tips and paint them gold, and then tie tiny bud vases on with colorful string. Continue Reading

Is The Coffee Table Going Extinct?

There’s an article on Stylist Home that declares the coffee table is going extinct. It may very well be what with more multi-task options like cubbies and even ottomans. With their observation, they put together a slide show of 7 other items that might soon be forgotten. Included on their endangered list is the sideboard, the love seat, the nightstand, the full-size bed, the landline and the tablecloth. Do you agree with any of these predictions?? Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Neon String-Wrapped Vases!

created at: 03/19/2012

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am totally into DIY vase projects lately!  From paper polygons to faux milk glass, I can’t get enough of ’em.  So, of course I was excited when I spotted this easy string-wrapped vase project — the pops of neon are perfect for spring!   


created at: 03/19/2012

Remodelista shares this tutorial based on a project by Laura Parke.  All you’ll need is the following:

  • glass bottle.
  • natural jute twine
  • neon twine
  • glue (try modpodge, like in this project)
  • small paintbrush

After you’ve gathered your supplies, hit up Remodelista for the full tutorial!   Continue Reading

Roundup: 7 Stunning DIY Paper Flower Tutorials!

created at: 03/07/2012

If you spend much time in the online DIY/craft sphere (guilty as charged!), chances are you’ve noticed a whole lot of paper flower love lately.  And I’m not talking about those paper flowers you made as a kid that were all scraggly and sad, these are seriously stunning creations that people are posting.  Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up seven of the prettiest and best paper flower tutorials all in one spot — ENJOY!   


created at: 03/07/2012

1. This over-sized paper flower was used as a centerpiece for Brittany’s wedding — she shares all the steps over on 100 Layer Cake! Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Paint-Dipped Wooden Utensils!

created at: 03/01/2012

The paint-dipping craze isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, kids.  Which is a-okay in my book (I secretly love it… okay it’s not really that big of a secret).  If you feel compelled to dip everything within a 5 mile radius in paint as well, you’ll love this DIY idea!   

Wooden spatulas and utensils can be found here.  After that, all you need is some craft paint in your color(s) of choice and some food-safe shellac*.   Continue Reading

Groovy Gradients: An Ombré Stained Dresser Makeover!

created at: 01/09/2012

Ombré was a big, huge deal last year, but this makeover takes a unique spin on the DIY decor trend!   


created at: 01/09/2012

Most ombré or gradient projects we’ve come across have been painted, so seeing the technique put into practice in such a unique way is refreshing.  Using various shades of wood stain, Julia from 551 East Design gave this old dresser a fresh makeover while still preserving the character of the piece.  No paint on this antique!   Continue Reading

Wood Floor Wars: Light Versus Dark

white paint wall color with dark wood flooring

Last month I had the opportunity to speak with a professional wood floor installer/refinisher. He stopped by to quote a job for us. (We’re removing the tile from our front entry and having it replaced with red oak to match the rest of the house.) Whether plumber, landscaper or electrician, when a professional such as this is in my home, I always take the opportunity to engage them in conversation. More specifically, I pick their brains. 
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