Make It: Tripod Floor Lamp With Wood Grain Shade

diy tripod lamp base

I have a hard time with floor lamps. Some are too brassy, too ugly, or too plain. However, this is one I can get behind. The “tripod look” is going to be a popular one, I know it.      

 You don’t have to be a pro wood-worker to build this tripod floor lamp! The Merrythought has spelled out the how-to complete with step-by-step pictures! Visit The Merrythought for the full tutorial!

DIY Tripod Lamp by [The Merrythought]

How to Make a DIY Camera Stand

Tripods can shoot just about every angle but one: straight down. Its very design demands that the legs will get in the way. Attaching the tripod to the ceiling or the camera to a boom stand is an option, but the thought of dangling a camera in such a way is frightening. Plus, if you’d like to use the camera for animation, keeping the camera still is essential. Professional camera stands are great, but are quite expensive. Continue Reading

Convert A Tripod Into A Floor Lamp

If you come across an old tripod at a tag sale, buy it. They make fabulous floor lamps! Converting one doesn’t even need a how-to; just a lamp kit and a shade. My entire project cost about 25-30 bucks when all was said and done.




Timber Tripod Floor Lamp

Not up for a DIY version of this? Here’s one we like a lot that you can combine with any lampshare you like:

$89 on Amazon