Ask Curbly: TVs, Clawfoot Tubs, Cheap Organizing and Weird Beds

created at: 10/08/2010

If you’ve never checked out our Ask a Question forum, now’s the time to start. It’s a perfect place to ask for help with home improvement and decor questions, and you can help others out by offering your own expert (or amateur) advice.

I thought I’d highlight some of the more interesting recent questions from the forum today (please add your answers or suggestions if you have any):

xox_nicole: How can I make a clawfoot tub into a couch?

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Turn a Tub into a Tubble


Creative Department started with a rusty old tub that had been sitting out on a neighbor’s porch. They gave it the squeak treatment and turned it into an illuminated table, which they call a “tubble”.

The Tubble

Christmas lights, glass ‘bubbles’, and a rubber ducky?? Doesn’t get much better than that. To see how the whole project came together, check out this post.


Claw-foot Tub to Love Seat Conversion

flavourdesign chops antique claw-footed cast iron tubs in two and makes love seats out of them. Now, I think these are clever and darling, really I do, but…..I think I’d rather have the tub intact. Each piece, which they call Savon, starts at $3500 and includes an upholstered cushion in ‘sensuede’ and matching down pillows but no Mr. Bubble.

Champagne Baths a la Dita Von Teese

Valentine’s Day requires a cherry on top of recent reviews of outrageous romantic furnishings. But what could top a red heart-shaped bed and whirlpool? Why, a seven foot tall champagne bathtub, of course.

Hours were spent cruising the internet, trying to find manufacturers of said stemmed vessels, but luck was not on this blogger’s side. An email was composed and shot off to the mecca of such kitsch: Caesar’s Pocono Resorts. The very accommodating Director of Customer Contact, Ms. Continue Reading