Make a Tufted Velvet Flower Pillow as Good as Urban Outfitters

Tufted velvet flower pillow project
Photo by Holly Wade

I have a pillow problem. Anywhere I go, I instantly want to look at the pillow section and leave with an armful of pillows I DON'T NEED. It never stops me, and one of my favorite places to pillow shop is Urban Outfitters, which is where I stumbled upon these velvet flower pillows with tassels. Since velvet is my go-to fabric this time of year, I fell in love with the pillows and decided to practice self-restraint, telling myself I could make one and save a few bucks. Continue Reading

Upholstered Toilet


Lineatre makes some seriously ornate bathroom furnishings. Their upholstered toilet seat pretty much sums up their esthetic. We’re not talking Kushy Tushy here. These seats are ‘punctuated with deep, diamante buttons’. Available in ‘glamorous gold’ or ‘gracious white’. 


If you’re worried that your upholstered seat would look out of place in your bathroom, you could put in a coordinating, upholstered bathtub.



Rug Love

Hansine Pedersen Goran’s hand tufted rugs aren’t cheap, but they are spectacular. Designed by Hansine herself, the area rugs–or should I say works of art?–range in price from $2,500 to $8,000. Her on-line showroom, which not only includes unexpected patterns but shapes as well, is available for perusal at Current Carpets.

'Night Folding Over Day'

'Cape Cod'