Try this Christmas Tree Alternative! Wooden Dowel Tree Decor

Although I love having a traditional Christmas tree in my home, that's not the case for everyone. Whether a traditional tree it doesn't fit your Christmas style or you don't have the space for one, this simple wooden dowel tree is a great Christmas decor alternative that still allows you to hang ornaments. This minimalist-style DIY will still brighten up a space of your home and fit perfectly in a corner or even on a tabletop! Continue Reading

Knots You May Need

Way back when, I knew how to tie a few fancy knots. My weekend workshops reminded me that I need to brush up on knot tying for lots of crafty reasons.¬† Here’s a handy post on one of those know-it-all sites (20-20 Site) that has illustrated tied knots as well as the coordinating You Tube video to really drive the point home. Did someone say Visual Learner? Macrame, upholstery, camping, rock climbing, securing, boating, hauling…

Eight way hand tied springs. Continue Reading

Holiday How-To: Twine Snowmen.

1 davidstark_twine DIY_DSC_0198 edited

Creating the body of these rustic, yet surprisingly contemporary twine snowpeople is simple…Just stack up 3 spools of twine. But the fun and whimsy comes in with this cool trick: wrap some single ply twine around floral wire for some flexible details. The combo of the 2D and 3D elements is unique and somehow quite festive.

“Cut a few feet of twine and unravel it slightly. Squeeze a line of hot glue along an inch or so of the wire and wrap the twine around tightly so the wire is covered completely. Continue Reading