1/4-Sliced Lamp…I think I hate this.

It’s chopped in fourths, meant to stand in a corner (quite like this guy), and completely blends into its context.stand lights2 Corner Lamp by Korean Designer Ji Young Shon

From Korean designer Ji Young Shon’s website:

Why is lamp shade cylinder? Why do we put stand light at the corner?
Eliminate space eater but keep lighting more than before.
I add wit on this design by just chopping into 4 pieces of lamps from conventional stand lamp design.
And now we save material, package, logistics and space as well.
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Before and After: From Ugly to Oo-La-La!

This bank foreclosure was in dire shape back in ’08. It doesn’t even look habitable in the before pictures. But after an intrepid soul got a hold of it and gave it the Curbly once-over…wow. Just peruse these images here and on uglyhousephotos.com to witness the transformation. By the way, Ugly House Photos is a very entertaining website full of snarky comments about people’s taste in decor/architecture. It’s not a place where you want to see pics of your own home, unless it’s a lesson in before and after like this one. Continue Reading

The World’s Ugliest Couch!

We have a winner! The World Wide Ugly Couch Contest winner ’08 has been announced, and she’s a ‘beauty.

created on: 01/17/09

Head over to check the (almost) equally delightful runners up.

this point I should really admit that I OWN an Ugly Couch. Oh sure, the
monstrosity is hidden under custom slipcovers, but a gold cabbage rose
print lurks beneath. Hideous yes, but the couch’s bones, classic shape
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8 Ways to Cover Ugly Light Fixtures

Sure it’s super easy to change light fixtures, but sometimes you just can’t. If your space is really temporary, like a dorm room or a short term let, or even if you don’t have access to switch off the electricity then a refit is out of the question.

Here’s a few ways to deal with oogly light fixtures that won’t lose you your deposit.

created on: 08/20/08

1. Chic Scarf

A student classic that can actually work really well. Continue Reading

Is this the ugliest building in the world?

Esquire has proclaimed the ‘hideously ugly’ Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea as ‘The Worst Building in the History of Mankind’. The hotel’s construction began in 1987 and, over two decades later, it’s still unoccupied, which isn’t surprising, because it’s not even finished. The 3,000 room structure has 75 degree sides, which rise to an apex of 1,083 feet. Apparently, the North Korean government thinks it’s an eyesore too, as the building is routinely Photoshopped out of official government photos. Continue Reading