Make It Your Own: Easy Tips For Adding Character To Your Home

Make It Your Own: Easy Tips For Adding Character To Your Home

Sure, it’s easy to buy the latest furniture from the West Elm or Pottery Barn catalogs and call it day. But sometimes the hardest part of decorating your space is adding that personal touch that really makes it your own. So today I’m going to share some tips on how to add a dose of character to your house.   


Make It Your Own: Easy Tips For Adding Character To Your Home

1. Hang artwork that reflects your personal style. It can be something you’ve made yourself, something that a friend created, or just something that you were drawn to at a flea market… but whatever it is, make sure that it moves you. Continue Reading

Before and After: Awesome Railway Car Living Room Makeover

I’ve seen a lot of room makeovers over the years, but there aren’t many that I willing to pack my bags for. This makeover however is definitely one that I would up and move for, in a heartbeat.      

This old railway car was looking a little down and out, until Mark & Keith of MiniModerns came along and turned it into what it is now. The updated, minimal vibe stays true to the original space, but now feels more up to date and special. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Space

Unique Homes polled their readers and they ‘overwhelmingly’ selected this Frank McKinney creation as having the ultimate pool/outdoor entertainment space. The residence, named Acqua Liana, is located in Palm Beach, Florida. McKinney is famous for his ocean front property, and taking a look at Acqua Liana, you can tell why. Water falls, water gardens, pools, reflecting ponds, spas, and the ocean vistas all intertwine for a stunning effect. 

$FIRE SPA & CAPTIVATING POOL.reducedFor a tour of the home, which just might leave you speechless, check out the video tour below. Continue Reading

Utah Silo House

monte silo house 1 Modern Monte Silo House in Utah

For those city folks who don’t know what a silo is, it’s a large, usually cylindrical structure used to store silage. What’s silage? Stuff ruminators eat. What are ruminators? I’ll let you chew on that for a while. However, this particular silo serves a different purpose altogether. It’s a getaway for a bachelor to entertain guests. Located on the Provo River in Utah, the corrugated metal of the structure certainly lends to its modern interior. To see more images, visit Freshome. Continue Reading

The most unique & stylish hotel rooms you have ever seen.


We’ve all seen pictures of ‘themed’ hotel rooms before, but the Fox Hotel in Copenhagen has done something that should really set the standard for all those other ambiance-attempting options. What Fox did was enlist the help of 21 street artists, illustrators and graphic designers from all corners of the world. The result is a very unique and stylish collection of 61 rooms. Okay, so they aren’t at theme-y as say an Arabian Nights room….I’ll Continue Reading