The Best Resources for Upgrading Your IKEA Furniture

The Best Resources for Upgrading Your IKEA Furniture
photo: PANYL

Some people look down on IKEA furniture. I can somewhat understand why – people can end up with the same stuff, the products are a pain to set up, the quality is so-so. But the cost and style pull me in! I don’t want to sacrifice my savings for my home decor. And while I love IKEA, I love it more for the fact that it is easily customizable. A coat of paint, a backing of wallpaper, new legs, and you’ve got yourself a completely different piece of furniture! Continue Reading

8 Simple Ways To Update Your Bathroom Under $50

bathroom updates under $50

The kitchen may be numero uno to people, but the bathroom is a close second. Studies show that a happy bathroom makes a happy person. We don’t all have endless budgets to create our dream bath, but there are several small tweaks you can make and many come in under $50! Here are 8 ways to help get you closer to your perfect bathroom!     


bathroom updates under $50

1. Don’t have the time or patience to paint? By simply updating the towels in the bathroom, you get an instant face-lift. Continue Reading

Top 10 Items that Update Instantly


Does your dwelling need a little updating? Canadian House & Home suggests 10 items that will freshen up dated interiors instantly. 


  1. three-dimensional modern mobile
  2. bistro chair(s)
  3. text artwork
  4. patchwork rug
  5. modern four-poster canopy bed
  6. vintage glass bottles
  7. woven storage baskets
  8. painterly fabrics
  9. weathered hutch
  10. oversized pendant light fixture

To see examples of each of these elements, follow this link to H & H. Keep in mind that although many of the sited pieces are expensive, replicating these looks can be very inexpensive! Continue Reading

Ikea Hack: Rast Dresser Makeover.


Ikea’s Rast dresser/side table/nightstand is a solid wood gem at only $39.99 USD. Lindsay from Penny People upped its knotty pine finish up a whole heap of notches with this simple update. This is what Ikea Hacks are all about…or, in this case, a thorough un-Ikea-ing.

“I was flipping through my latest issue of Style at Home Magazine last week I came across a set of side tables that were PERFECT for our bedroom. Continue Reading

Five Easy Ways To Update Your Sofa

created at: 2009-03-06

The itch to switch things up is beginning to overwhelm me. The urge hits with the first fresh smell of Spring, the first crisp Fall day and the day after New Year’s Day. With the back door open and a warm breeze blowing this morning,  I simply have to change the visual landscape of my living room. Today I’m looking at my trusty gray sofa. The fabric has worn like iron, I’ve never tired of it and any number of accent colors work with it. Continue Reading

DIY: Not Knotty Pine Anymore

created on: 09/03/08

Here’s a sneak peak of the Knotty Pine re-do.  Cleanup and reorganization is so tedious until you get immersed in feeling all smug and self-righteous with your tidiness and order.  There was much to be learned from this DIY undertaking.  Complete planning instead of impulsive diving in was the best move I made.  Perseverence using new equipment (the spray painter) was well worth it in time saved.  Not quite perfectionism, but pretty darn close to it, helped me feel really proud of the job I did and that unbeatable feeling of accomplishment.  Continue Reading

Update ANYTHING with Googly Eyes.

Marianne Kirby, the mastermind behind the button table, again proves that standard craft supplies en masse can add contemporary flair to anything with this googly eye handbag. This approach could be added to anything in need of an update of the unreal and unnecessary. And since you can buy them by the gross in any size for just a few dollars, you could convert anything to the googly eyes lifestyle. I’m envisioning an entire bathroom…think they sanitize easily? Continue Reading