How To Sharpen Scissors Yourself

Scissors get dull. Fast. Getting them professionally sharpened can cost a pretty penny, too. Rather than shelling out for a sharpening session or for a brand new pair of shears, I decided to learn exactly how to sharpen scissors on my own. I did a little research, and here's what I learned:      

How to sharpen scissors at home.


 As all of these processes involve handling sharp blades (and dull blades which can actually be more dangerous), exercise some caution. No pointing the blade at your self, wear your safety goggles, and absolutely no running with the scissorsContinue Reading

How to Make Authentic Oilcloth

Learn how to make oilcloth fabric

Why do they call it oil cloth? What is currently being sold in stores as oilcloth is actually made from cotton fabric covered with a petroleum-based coating. However, genuine oilcloth (the real thing grandma had on her kitchen table) is made from cotton, canvas, or linen fabric coated in linseed oil. The fabric can be dyed or printed before the linseed treatment, and the oil gives it a water-resistant surface. Genuine oilcloth (also known as oilskin) is biodegradable in a landfill. Continue Reading

How to: Purrfectly Simple DIY Cat Bed

Make It! DIY Cat Bed

I love my cat. I’m not shy about admitting that (I even mention it in my bio). I’m also not ashamed to say I think she’s the best cat in the world. Her name is Donut, but I also refer to her as “Angel Face” or “Precious Baby Kitty” (which drives my fiancé crazy, I’m sure). The cat drinks filtered water and has a basket full of toys. She’s one of the more spoiled cats out there, and leads a pretty cushy life (as evidenced by this plushy DIY cat bed I made especially for her).           Continue Reading

Upholstery Newbies: Here is a Roundup of Projects You Could Try This Weekend

Simple Upholstery Projects For Beginners

Upgrading thrifted or inexpensive furniture is one way you can accomplish a cute home on a budget, and also make your home unique. Reupholstering furniture can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have many tools. These 12 upholstery projects don’t need fancy upholstery tools, and are perfect for any upholstery beginner.   


1. Upholster a chair seat.

Upholstering a chair is the most simple upholstery project. The only tools you need are a hand held staple gun and a screwdriver.   Continue Reading

Make It: A Quirky DIY Tufted Headboard

created at: 03/12/2013

I love this spin on the traditional upholstered headboard and, as it turns out, it’s a shockingly easy DIY project, too!     

Isabelle McAllister from Dos Family shared a tutorial for this basic upholstered headboard on a morning news show in Sweden recently, which you can watch right here. Obviously it’s in Swedish, but the project is simple enough that it’s not hard to get the gist and follow along. Plus, it’s great inspiration for trying your own funky headboard interpretation! Continue Reading

How To: Make a DIY Upholstered Ottoman from a Utility Bucket!

created at: 02/26/2013

Whether you need some inconspicuous extra seating or just a place to put your feet up, this DIY upholstered ottoman is the project for you!      

First, grab a bucket. You know, that 5 gallon one you got from the “big orange box” store for that one time you needed to mix cement or something. Got it? Awesome. Now head over to Design*Sponge for a tutorial and some Upholstery 101 knowledge!

How To: Make a Diamond Tufted Headboard

created at: 09/20/2012

Stuff like this always blows my mind. How does one actually make something so, well, amazing looking — without breaking the bank and from scratch?! Fortunately, Jenny from Little Green Notebook knows the answer to that!     

Not only does she know, but she’s put together an incredible tutorial that will have any novice upholsterer creating perfectly pleated diamond tufting in no time — check it out!

[via MegRuth]

Before & After: A Mod Thrift Store Table-to-Bench Makeover!

created at: 08/13/2012
Show of hands: have you ever seen an old, plain, wooden table in a thrift store, at a garage sale, or even dumped on the side of the road? Chances are you’ve wondered what you’d do with it and, after a few moments’ pause, have moved on to other items. Well, one look at this thrift store table makeover will have you reconsidering passing by another one again!    

created at: 08/13/2012
Shelly from ModHomeEc, whose unique aesthetic longtime Curbly readers will recognize immediately, transformed one such lowly table. Continue Reading

Before and After: Vinyl Ottoman to High Style Seating

created at: 07/25/2012
If you’ve ever wanted to know how to do upholstery on your own, you have to check this out. The ‘after’ alone is definitely worth clicking through.   Chez Larsson lays out the full step by step instructions right here. And here is the reveal for those that are dying to know how the finished piece turned out.

created at: 07/25/2012
To learn how you can recreate this look on your own, visit Chez Larsson now.