Organize It!: How to Make Two Types of Drawer Dividers

How to make a wood drawer dividers

Whoever invented drawers was a genius. A compartment where you can throw your stuff inside, shut it, and forget about it? Sign me up. What the inventor of the drawer did forget to consider, however, was organization. Toss your stuff inside a drawer, and you're sure to have to dig to find it again. You can buy traditional drawer dividers and organizers from the store, but what if your drawers are too small (or too big)? Continue Reading

Curb The Clutter: Genius Ways to Store and Organize Cookware

Pots and Pans Organizer Ideas
Photo: Scott Clark

It’s not an easy task to organize pots and pans in the kitchen… the varied shapes and sizes of the different pieces often end up occupying more space than they should. And let’s not even get into trying to close a drawer full of utensils in disarray! But don’t give up – there are plenty of ways to tame the mess. Here are twenty-two clever ideas and do-it-yourself projects to get everything under control once and for all.       Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Paint-Dipped Wooden Utensils!

created at: 03/01/2012

The paint-dipping craze isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, kids.  Which is a-okay in my book (I secretly love it… okay it’s not really that big of a secret).  If you feel compelled to dip everything within a 5 mile radius in paint as well, you’ll love this DIY idea!   

Wooden spatulas and utensils can be found here.  After that, all you need is some craft paint in your color(s) of choice and some food-safe shellac*.   Continue Reading

Eclectic Starburst Mirror

created at: 01/02/2012

I have a starburst mirror hanging in my bedroom above the bed, and my husband is always making some comment on how he is sure he will die from being impaled by one of the “rays” in the middle of the night.  He’s so supportive of my home decorating.  I also love utensil art, as we’ve seen in my kitchen before.  You can imagine, then, that I’d appreciate this DIY utensil starburst mirror!   An eclectic mix of silverware, painted porcelain, beads, and mirror, this piece of art- appropriately residing in the dining room- was a creation by Beverly of Flamingo Toes. Continue Reading

Easy Utensil Holder

created at: 08/03/2011

I spend half of dinner prep trying to yank my utensil drawer open.  Our shallow drawers don’t lend well to my soup ladles.  This is why I loved this simple solution to organizing kitchen utensils.   Amanda got hold of some old Beanie Baby containers (remember those?) and made them into spiffy utensil holders with paint, vinyl stickers, and fabric.  Now the array of spoons and whisks disappear into the background of her kitchen. 

created at: 08/03/2011

Of course, you don’t need to scour your box of Jr. Continue Reading

How to Make Your Own DIY Silverware Silhouettes

created at: 03/29/2011

One of my favorite pieces of art in our home is a set of giant silverware pieces hanging on our dining room wall.  You can say I’m a sucker for large-scale forks, so it is no surprise that I got all giddy when I came across this set of silverware silhouettes.  


The California Callahans took $8, a Dremel, and some creative thinking to create a fun accent for their dining room wall.  

created at: 03/29/2011

Most big-box hardware stores will cut your wood for you to the size you need for projects like this one. Continue Reading

Second-hand Chic: Utensil Decor

created at: 03/29/2010

Second hand shops and rummage sales are FULL of eating utensils. For these projects from HGTV’s Decorating Cents, we don’t even need matching utensils. Actually, mis-matched would even be better!


In the first project, pictured above, a bunch of thrift-store knives were glued to the back of a garage sale mirror.

And in this example, a store-bought shelf was given a whimsical once-over with some bent forks. I can’t tell what might be at the ends of the tines. Continue Reading

How-To: Edible Utensils.


This one goes into the why?-because-you-can file : Toasty pâte brisée serving utensils and ramekin. Bread bowls? Ha!

Speak French? Then tell us all what this says, cause I’m sure it sounds savory: “oilà il est à présent temps de voter pour le projet qui vous semble le plus pertinent. Attention, fin des votes le lundi 9 novembre à 12h. Un grand merci à Nathalie pour avoir joué le jeu et pour sa proposition qui donne carrément envie de lécher l’écran !” Continue Reading

Pen Cap Eating Utensils

One of the winners of the Dining in 2015 international design competition–co-organized by Design Boom and Macef, Italy, was ‘din-ink’ by Andrea Cingoli, Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Cristian Cellini & Fancesca Fontana. For other winners, visit Design Boom.