Make This!: Customized Vinyl Wall Decal

DIY This!: Vinyl wall decal

For some reason or another I’m obsessed with contact paper. Maybe it’s because it’s an easy way to transform objects, walls, anything really. It might be because shelf liner is cheap, or maybe it’s the renter in me that loves how temporary it is. Whatever the case, it’s a fact that I love vinyl. And it’s a fact that I love to DIY, which is how this customized vinyl wall decal came to be.        


There are lots of resources online and in stores where you can buy vinyl wall decals, but for the picky people out there (ahem, me) who like a challenge, it’s easy to make your own. Continue Reading

How to Dress Up a Plain Pillow in an Instant (with Free Printable!)

Dress up a plain pillow in an instant with heat-set vinyl (plus free printable!)

Pillows. I could own a hundred and still want more. It's getting to the point where I can't justify buying more pillow covers when I already have so many, so I thought I'd satisfy my addiction by making one instead. Not only is it way cheaper, I also got to try out heat set vinyl for the first time – win!        

Pillow with heat-set vinyl decals

I'm pleased to report that iron-on vinyl is super easy to work with and the end result looks fantastic if I do say so myself. Continue Reading

Renter Friendly Wall Art: Make Your Own DIY Removable Vinyl Decals

Photo by Holly Wade

If you're a renter who isn't allowed to paint, I'm with you. If you're too lazy to paint, I'm also with you. It's hard to make your home feel like “you” when you can't change your walls, but at least one renter-friendly way to change them is with vinyl decals! You've probably seen some versions of them in stores, but you can easily make your own custom wall decals at home with any type of adhesive vinyl without causing damage to your walls. Continue Reading

Renter Friendly DIY: Utilize Wasted Cabinet Space with a Removable Dry Erase Board

Renter-friendly solution: Removable white board (hidden out of sight!)

Renting is a struggle sometimes because I often want to turn my home into my own, but renting limitations tend to get in the way. Although I can hang things on the walls, the cabinets are strictly off limits because the holes are impossible to fill when we move. Instead, I settled for a renter friendly DIY to make a removable dry erase board inside of one of my cabinets using vinyl. Now, I can write my grocery lists and other notes right in the kitchen where I need them, but the vinyl peels away easily when it’s time to make the move.            Continue Reading

Capturing Memories: Cork Memory Box Decor

Years ago, my boyfriend and I decided to begin collecting corks from special moments in our lives and writing short notes on them to remember the occasions. There came a point when we realized we had to actually DO something with all of the corks we were collecting, so I started moving them to a plain shadow box that has (until now) remained untouched. Finally, it was time to show off these memories we’d made! Our DIY cork memory box contains corks from big milestones, special occasions and holidays over the past few years and sits proudly on a bookshelf to remind us of the things we’ve celebrated together. Continue Reading

Bet You Didn’t Know Shelf Liner Could Be This Festive!

DIY window decals - These aren't regular paper snowflakes!

Here in the frozen north (a.k.a. Minnesota), no one really likes snow. As soon as those first puffy flakes come tumbling down from the sky, you can almost hear a unanimous groan echoing across the state. We experienced our first snowfall the weekend after Halloween, and no one was happy about it… except for me. I love the snow! Granted, I'm not from here, so maybe it's just a matter of me not being sick of it yet. Continue Reading

Simple, Minimal Felt Placemats You Can DIY

DIY These: Simple Felt Placemats

Around the middle of September every year, my interest in food (and eating said food) spikes by like 110%. I start saving new recipes on my phone, researching different restaurants, and expanding my shopping horizons at the grocery store. I imagine it relates to some ancient hardwiring in my body as winter approaches – at least that’s what I’m tell myself as I’m stuffing my face. I’m already thinking about the hot meals I’m going to be preparing in the cold of winter, and wanted some simple felt placemats to pair those meals with.        Continue Reading

How to Make a Simple Abstract Patterned Pillow

Vinyl is quickly becoming one of my favorite craft supplies! It's extremely versatile, and iron-on vinyl is ideal for creating patterns on plain pillowcases. Now that 90s styles are back and regaining popularity, this DIY black and white abstract print pillow is the perfect way to give your home a 90s update and still keep it simple and feeling like home. 


Iron-on vinyl is easiest to use when cut with a cutting machine for more complex patterns, but these simple abstract patterns, such as a hollow circle, a triangle and a zig-zag line, are easy enough to cut out with scissors or a sharp hobby knife. Continue Reading

How to Make a Waterproof Picnic Blanket

How to make a waterproof picnic blanket

Ah, summer. It's a magical time. The days are slower, the weather is fantastic (here in the Midwest anyway – sorry, Southern readers!), and everyone seems happier. Are you taking the time to soak up some sun and enjoy all that nature has to offer? If you aren't outdoors-y enough for camping or hiking, try going on a picnic! Food always tastes better in fresher air, and with a DIY waterproof picnic blanket under your legs, you may never want to eat inside again.        Continue Reading

How to Install a Fake Backsplash in Your Kitchen

If you're a renter but want to improve your kitchen or bathroom, follow this tutorial on how to install a fake backsplash

Hello to my fellow renters! Here's the situation: I've been fighting with my kitchen ever since I moved into my apartment. It's completely functional, but it's not ideal for the following reasons: it's way too small, the cabinets do nothing to help visually, and the walls have been stained from cooking accidents of years past. I wanted to class the joint up a bit, and decided to install a fake backsplash by way of removable vinyl wallpaper.             Continue Reading