Before and After: A Rustic-Modern Dining Room Makeover

created at: 03/04/2013

This dining room already has a lot going for it: gorgeous floors, great light, and a beautiful Mid-Century sideboard. So, what could make it better? Even more wood!      

created at: 03/04/2013

A white-washed, wood plank accent wall takes this space up quite a few notches, don’t you think? Not to mention it brightens up the room while still adding warmth and some interesting texture. I love, love, love it!

created at: 03/04/2013

Check out how Matt from Wood&Faulk created this DIY wood wall right here! Continue Reading

Make: CHEAP Mod Wall Treatment

created at: 04/14/2011

Jason Hammond of local ‘From the Ground Up’ fame, replicated the above wall treatment in his family’s first floor bathroom for–get this–6 bucks. The original is actually CLIF™ wall panels from Modular Arts


To achieve this feat, Jason used scrap pieces of MDF in both 1/2″ and 3/4″ thicknesses. Once the MDF was applied, he filled the cracks and nail holes with paintable caulk and then covered the entire wall with a bright white paint. 

Read more about this project at the StarTrib. Continue Reading

What material is this?

74 box box 08 25 000 Ping Pong Balls, a Perfect Way to Jazz Up a Small Brooklyn Apartment

Can you guess the material used to decorate the walls of this apartment?

    Here’s a close-up hint:

74 box box 03 25 000 Ping Pong Balls, a Perfect Way to Jazz Up a Small Brooklyn Apartment

If you said ping pong balls, you would be correct. They adorn the 90sf Brooklyn apartment belonging to Daniel Arsham. To read more about Daniel and his pixilated pad, head on over to Freshome.

Modern-Looking Scrap Wood Walls

created at: 03/31/2010

Image: LumberJocks

If you’re trying to achieve that modern, textural, wood wall look, here are some scrap wood walls to consider for your nature loving self. Here, the woodworker has made good use of scrap wood, even though the project was a bit labor intense. But look at the results! It wouldn’t be nearly as attractive if the room was overfilled with furniture and dust catching tchotkes. The sparse furnishings complement the dynamic wall.

created at: 03/31/2010

The designer/craftsman used scraps of 2 x 4’s ripped into 1/2 to 1 inch thicknesses, ran them through a wood planer so each piece has one smooth surface. Continue Reading

Get the Look of Wainscoting for Less

created at: 2009-05-18

Photo Images: THR & Sons

When we built a home years ago my brother suggested some cost cutting carpentry illusions that gave us the look of custom raised wainscoting panels in the dining room and up the stairway. It’s fairly commonplace now but at the time, it was a clever construction cost cutting idea.

created at: 2009-05-18

Wainscoting was originally used to camouflage what was known as rising damp, a wicking effect on interior walls. Even though the causes of rising damp have long been solved, the use of wainscoting continues for its style and visual interest. Continue Reading