How to Turn Chip Bags into Art

Wocket over on Instructables has an interesting technique that turns chip bags into shiney patches. Although, I think calling them ‘patches’ is kind of limiting, for the technique could make some great–and inexpensive–wall art. Very creative!!

What you need:

an empty chip bag
double-sided fusible interfacing
backing fabric
sewing machine and thread (although there is a no-sew version, as well)
oil based paint (optional, but it does create a cool effect)
an iron

What you do:

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License Plate Map

Much more interesting than a refrigerator magnet collection of every state in the union, how about assembling a license plate from every state in the union and making a map of them?

This limited edition piece, created by Aaron Forster, is approximately 57″ W x 33″ H, and at 3,500 bucks, it isn’t cheap. But hey, we’re DIYers, right? A pair of tin snips or, better yet, an oxycetaline blow torch, a map for reference and some plane tickets and you’re on your way. Continue Reading

Car Part Art

For anyone who assembled, or tried to assemble, a model car when they were young, the Drive-In by Jellio, is sure to bring back memories.

Designed by Mario Marsicano and Chris Lenox, the 44″ x 44″ polyurethane resin, metallic silver finished wall sculpture was modeled after “the sprue element the model [car] parts were attached to.” All chrome and hot-rod muscle, this blast from the past will set you back $2,500.00 bucks.

For a cheaper and less refined alternative, how about hanging an assembly of hubcaps on your wall? Continue Reading

More Easy Wall Art (in CD frames!)

Alttext's post on creating easy wall art out of simple, cheap materials generated a lot of interest. Here's another method that produces some pretty spectacular results:

DIY Jewel Case Frames: Wonderful Wall Art Faster than you can say Polar Bears!

CD Jewelcase Wall Art Display

“We found a clever project that uses CD jewel cases to make rearrangeable, refillable, photo frames for those empty walls of yours. Watch our first ever Photojojo video tutorial and see how you can get your photographs off-line and on your walls in about half an hour!” Continue Reading