Friendly Vegetables Centerpieces

I do love it when Martha brings the weird, and by weird I mean completely adorable and kooky…

created on: 12/02/08

Who doesn’t love friendly, anthropomorphous root vegetables? Not me! To make this centerpiece you’ll need

  • A selection of root vegetables (oooh, and I would name them… Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blue Mr.Rogers)
  • Push pins for eyeballs (I might add googly eyes)
  • A craft knife and a black marker.

You clean the chaps up, poke in the pins for eyes, cut a half moon
shape for a mouth and colour it in with the marker, arrange them in a
suitably menacing, cute, or bizarro way and voila, if you’re anything
like me it will have to cackling with glee for days. Continue Reading

NES Controller Coffee Table

NES. Super NES. Warm gooey Nostalgia.

I showed my sweetie Chrisjob’s post on the Nintoaster and he appears to be in love. It also reminded him of something else. THIS:

created on: 09/12/08

I am in love too. It combines a few of my favorite themes and things; old school consoles, coffee, storage (what?), and DIY. If you put a
wienerdog and a pygmy goat playing cards next to it and shifted the
whole thing to Bermuda… well, that’s what heaven looks like in my
head.  Continue Reading

Fabric Made of Human Hair??

Julia Reindell’s collection at the recent London College of Fashion Awards was made entirely out of human hair. Apparently, it created quite a stir. You know what they say about the catwalk and trends in home interiors: the latter follows the former. Could that mean human hair pillows in the near future?? Only your hairdresser knows. For more information, visit