Make This: Simply Striped Baby Blanket

Make This: Crocheted Gender-Neutral Baby Blanket

This project is brought to you by the following joyous news: I'm going to be an aunt! I'm over-the-moon excited, and can't wait to meet my first little niece or nephew. That's right, I said niece OR nephew, and that's because the gender isn't known yet! I'm too excited to wait around to find out whether it's going to be a boy or a girl, and I wanted to get started crocheting a blanket ASAP. I made this gender-neutral baby blanket from a sweet sunflower yellow and cute mint green with alternating white.       Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 10 Cozy Winter White Rooms

Eye Candy: 10 Cozy Winter White Rooms
Photo: Amara

Winter always seems to be synonoymous with white, in my mind (even despite our lack of snow up here in the northeast). There’s something about a mostly white space with soft textures and layers that feels so cozy and inviting. So today we’re sharing ten stunning white rooms that will surely inspire you to embrace the subtle hue.   

 Eye Candy: 10 Cozy Winter White Rooms

1. This white bedroom feels anything but boring, with an array of subtle patterns and textures. Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 10 Gorgeous Black And White Spaces

Beautiful black and white living room.
Photo: Burlap and Lace

I love the contrast of a black and white room. When approached the right way, it can be a stunning look for any space. Balance is the key, and a small dose of color always looks great. Here are ten of my absolute favorite black and white rooms.   


Gorgeous black and white rooms.

1. Soft grays and gold accents give this living room a beautiful layered look. [Photo: Domaine]

2. This office feels organized and clutter-free, thanks in part to the black and white color scheme. Continue Reading

How To: Make An L-Shaped Workspace With Excess Storage

diy white craft desk
Photo: Little VWS

Whenever I get a new desk, I inevitably end up with these dilemmas: 1. There isn’t enough space up top to display everything. 2. I don’t want to hide my stuff in the drawers. 3. The surface CANNOT stay organized. 

This DIY desk might be the solution to my problems!      

 Talk about storage space! There’s a cubicle for everything and the L-shaped surface makes for a lot more working space! Check out the how-to over on Little VWS! Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 10 Stunning Black And White Kitchens

Eye Candy: 10 Stunning Black And White Kitchens

I’ve always loved the graphic appeal of a black and white room, and lately I’ve been noticing a number of kitchens with this color scheme. Here are ten of my favorites.   


Eye Candy: 10 Stunning Black And White Kitchens

1. The black and white diamond-patterned floor is the real show stopper here. [Photo: Dust Jacket]

2. Here, a black backsplash creates the perfect backdrop for brightly colored kitchen knives and a cookbook collection. [Photo: My Ideal Home]

Eye Candy: 10 Stunning Black And White Kitchens

3. This black and white kitchen has a glamorous black chandelier and luxurious white countertops. Continue Reading

Before and After: A Blah Bathroom Becomes A Bright Masterpiece

bathroom makeover

The bathroom. It is sometimes the last to get a face-lift when renovations come around. And sometimes, it never gets a face-lift at all. But I’m telling you now, “BE PROUD OF YOUR BATHROOM!”. This bathroom was boring with outdated tile, tan walls, and blah wood finishes. And now? If I were the owner, this might be my favorite room in the house.      


bathroom makeover

Right? RIGHT? Maybe it’s the marble. Maybe it’s the mirror. Maybe it’s the open shelving. Continue Reading

Before and After: Builder-Grade Office Gets Luxe White Makeover

office makeover

These pictures confirm what I knew all along. I need a designer to live with me and run my life 24/7. What do you get when you mix an outdated officespace, a chic design blogger, and an extremely talented interior designer?      


office makeover

This.This office reveal is breathtaking! I’d eat, sleep, work, and live here everyday if I could. Visit Camille Styles to see all the jaw-dropping pictures in all their glory! 

The Big Reveal: Camille Styles Studio by [Camille Styles]

The Curbly House: Our Kitchen Revealed!

In the whole history of the Curbly House, I don't think I have ever been more excited or proud to share a room with you. Because friends, our kitchen journey has been long and ugly. When we first set eyes on the house, the kitchen looked like this:

And, it remained like this for far too long, fifteen long months, to be exact (though, to be fair, we actually only lived with it this way for nine months). Continue Reading

Decor 101: Why White Walls are Not Boring!

created at: 11/08/2011

No sir, I don’t think white walls are boring… they are merely just a canvas for something awesome!

I am a big fan of stark white walls filled with colorful collages of artwork.  I appreciate it in my own home as well as others.  For me they evoke the feeling of a light and airy space and I love pops of color scattered throughout. Today I was crafting with a friend who has a fab little bungalow in the Venice Canals part of LA and she also loves her bright white walls… And her place still has lots of personality from the interesting and colorful artwork and accessories throughout. Continue Reading