White Hot: The Ultimate Modern Kitchen Roundup!

created at: 08/06/2011

Normally, I have what can only be described as an insatiable appetite for color.  If you looked around my home, it would hit you like a ton of bricks: Purple chair! Green walls! Blue walls! Orange sofa!  You get the picture.  But lately I’ve been really loving the idea of having an all-white kitchen (I might sneak a few pops of color in there, though, I can’t help myself).  So, in my constant search for inspiration, I rounded up a few a bunch of my favorite modern kitchens in this oh-so-clean and crisp palette.   Continue Reading

10 White HOT Kitchens

Hold on to your chopsticks baby, here are 10 of the white hottest kitchens you’ve ever seen. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tour.

They’re back, and the anti has been upped since the last go round of white kitchens.  Clean, simple, efficient and streamlined, the fresh, bright, white home eatery is mixing it up with all sorts of different colors and materials, while maintaining its pristine appeal.  Lavendar and white. Who would have thought?

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