Why you should buy stemless wine glasses.

created on: 06/27/08

If you’re in the market for new drinking glasses, buy stemless wine glasses. Why? Because they are incredibly versatile, that’s why! They’re even great  for people who don’t partake of the grape. Check it out….

Besides making a modern statement when sipping or serving Merlot, they do non-alcoholic quite nicely.

created on: 06/27/08

They also make lovely votive candle holders,

and even vases.

A stemless wine glass like the one in the examples can be found at such places as World Market, where they can cost as little as 2 bucks a piece. Continue Reading

How to Make Wineglass Stem Markers

Wineglass stem markers are an easy and fast little item to fabricate. Supplies are minimal, which means they’re inexpensive. Great for gift giving as well as wedding favors, you might want to make a bunch.


Memory wire (This is the secret of making stem markers. You can find memory wire at your favorite craft store in the beading aisle. It comes in coils as well as split rings. I found, since I was going to make several dozen markers, the split rings were the most economical way to go. Continue Reading