Wood Floor Wars: Light Versus Dark

white paint wall color with dark wood flooring

Last month I had the opportunity to speak with a professional wood floor installer/refinisher. He stopped by to quote a job for us. (We’re removing the tile from our front entry and having it replaced with red oak to match the rest of the house.) Whether plumber, landscaper or electrician, when a professional such as this is in my home, I always take the opportunity to engage them in conversation. More specifically, I pick their brains. 
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The Secret to Removing Old Vinyl Floor Tiles

Are you living with vinyl floor tile remorse? Did you really think the faux parquet tiles would look like authentic parquet?  If you’ve hit rock bottom and are ready to start from scratch, here’s a juicy little tip that will help you get on the road to floor recovery and remove those pesky, sticky squares that tried to dazzle you.

The secret:

dry ice

parchment or wax paper

towel or rags

putty knife

Aeray over on Instructables discovered this easy technique after “scraping, heating and using a variety of solvents”. Continue Reading

Painted Kitchen Floor Makeover

I must admit, I cringed a bit when I saw this makeover. MWT and I have installed wooden floors and we’ve hired people to refinish 100’s of square feet of them in both the homes in which we’ve lived. Now, it’s not that painted wood floors can’t look amazing; I’d just reserve the act for floors that are way beyond salvation. In this case, the ‘before’ floor wasn’t the prettiest of hues, to be sure, but the ‘after’…I’ll let you decide.  Continue Reading

Painted Paneling is a Budget Friendly Room Changer

created at: 03/22/2010


We’ve had our share of wood paneling (good and bad) to deal with in the past. It can pose a huge  design problem to many people. If you’ve ever seen wood paneling redone right, it adds an interesting textural surface to the walls of a  room. For the mere cost of high gloss white marine paint and an ebony stain for the floor, the room takes on an entirely different look and feel. created at: 03/22/2010

The shutters were removed, stucco added above the paneling and the same white marine paint covers the chairs. Continue Reading