Paint Stripping Head-to-Head: Which is the Best Finish Remover?

Deck stripper head to head: Which product removes finish better?
Photo: Amber Dickson

 My family moved into our current home last year and knew that come summer, the deck would need some attention. The whole surface was in rough shape.  The latex deck coating had flaked off in large areas and in the places where the finish was still present, it was not well-adhered to the surface. This project was going to require more than a quick clean and re-coat, so I decided to find out which deck stripper would do the best job. Continue Reading

Ten, Well Really Eleven, Good Uses for Steel Wool

Fresh from The Upholstery Fair, tips from the pros are on my mind. Every single workshop I attended touted the mulitple uses for steel wool. Granted, none of the old timers suggested edging a robe with it, but they each did have their favorite uses for our old friend, steel wool. No tool box or shop should be without a variety of steel wool choices.  This Old House lists 10 uses:


1. Start a fire. Touching the terminals of a 9-volt battery to a wad of steel wool can spark a campfire. Continue Reading