What It’s Like to Earn Your Income Through Blogging

That's us at Curbly, pretending to work

Type 'how to make money blogging' into Google and you'll choke on a pile of spammy-sounding search results telling you how, if you'd only give up your e-mail address or credit card number, you'd learn the secret to living like a billionaire on your pajama-based blogging income.

I've been making a living publishing a blog (my full-time income, supporting a family of four) since 2008, and as a supplemental income since 2006, and blogging as a hobby since 2003, so I guess I'm as qualified to speak on the subject as anyone else. Continue Reading

Which Company Works In These Offices?

Best offices to work in Google Zurich Switzerland 2

To follow are 5 images of corporate offices we found extremely creative in their design of their office space. Can you guess who works where??   

Your choices are Facebook, Google, Cartoon Network, Pixar, and Twitter. Any guesses??


Best offices to work in Twitter San Francisco USA 1



Best offices to work in Cartoon Network 2



Best offices to work in google office photos 15



Best offices to work in facebook office photos 04



Best offices to work in Pixar Emeryville California USA


Post your guess below or if you can’t wait to find out check out the answers as well as more super cool offices here!

5 Tips for a Green Workspace!

created at: 01/14/2011

Whether you work in a corner office, cubicle or home office, having a green mindset saves the planet, your health and lots and lots of money. It is relatively easy to create a green, healthy work environment through carefully considered choices. With modern day technology at our fingertips, creating a green and healthy office environment is an easily achievable goal that all companies big and small should set for themselves.  Check out these 5 tips to help you make your office environment a little greener and healthier!   Continue Reading

Work _____: Kicking Cubicles to the Curb

No more cubicles!
Picture yourself in a gray cubicle, surrounded by a dozen others, on the fourth floor of a suburban office building large enough to have its own postal code. See the little ridges of dust behind your aging computer monitor? See the worn spot on your mousepad where your wrist has rubbed the color off? Below the desk, just behind the trash can (which is the changing-est thing in the cube, by simple virtue of its being emptied every night), there’s a sticky note with some numbers on it. Continue Reading

10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home Office Cheaply.

Whether you're writing your next novel, balancing your checkbook, or simply creating a killer Curbly post, it's essential to be inspired and motivated by your workspace. Here's ten ideas for making your home office a creative haven on the cheap.



  1. Buy a Plant

  2. Get a Recycling System

  3. Tidy Up the Wires

    • Bind cords together
    • Clamp long running wires to walls
    • Get retractable cords.
  4. Add a Filing Cabinet

  5. Organise Your Desk

  6. Get some Colour

  7. Get a Clock

  8. Get a USB cup warmer

  9. Improve the lighting

  10. Add a Calendar / Wallplanner / Whiteboard

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