Make a Bright and Colorful Boho Holiday Pom-Pom Wreath

Ready to go full boho with your Christmas decor this year? This fun pom-pom wreath will set the tone on your front door, and prepare your guests for even more color inside. But of course the color scheme is up to you, so feel free to put your own twist on this project and make your pom-pom wreath in your favorite holiday colors.   


This pom-pom wreath is also a great way to use up yarn scraps you may have sitting around from past projects, so you can start the new year with a cleared out, or at least reduced, yarn stash. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Found & Foraged Scandinavian Christmas Wreath on the Cheap

How To: Make a Found and Foraged Scandinavian Christmas Wreath on the Cheap

One of the things we love to do year after year during the holiday season is wreath-making! It’s a relaxing and fun way to get into the festive spirit the whole family can enjoy. This year, we leaned toward our usual Scandinavian-inspired look, but using found and foraged materials. Sometimes, there is so much beauty in our own backyards or neighborhoods, if we just take the time to explore!  


How To: Make a Found and Foraged Scandinavian Christmas Wreath on the Cheap

Various kinds of winter greens (i.e. Continue Reading

DIY Creepy-Crawly Halloween Snake Wreath

DIY Halloween wreath with snakes
Photo: Rachel Jacks

Maybe it's my childhood spent catching garter snakes, but I've never been afraid of snakes. I know I'm in the minority in thinking that some of them are even downright cute, so I won't be surprised to hear that this snake wreath might evoke slithery nightmares for many. If plastic snakes don't creep you out too much, you can whip up this DIY Halloween wreath in no time.          



How to make your DIY Halloween Wreath 


Lay your plastic snakes out on the wreath, then glue them in place with hot glue. Continue Reading

Amazing Fall Decor Ideas for Every Style, Budget, and Room

A cozy fall scene with a plaid blanket, hot chocolate, and fall leaves on a wood tray

It may or may not feel like it yet where you live, but I'm sure you don't need to be told that summer is nearing its last days. After a long, hot season, many of us are ready for cooler weather, colorful leaves, hay mazes, and apple picking. It can be fun to bring some of that fall flair into your home decor, too. So whether you want just a touch of fall decor, or want to kick summer to the curb and go all in with your fall decorations, we have tons of ideas for ways to turn your home into a celebration of autumn.           Continue Reading

Make It! A Colorful Pumpkin Wreath that Breaks the Rules

While the traditional colors of fall are shades of red, orange and brown, I prefer the less conventional color combos, so let’s break the rules a little! Decorate for the fall season with this colorful pumpkin wreath with brighter colors like coral, yellow, tangerine and pale pink. Together, they give your home the look of fall while straying away from traditional style. 

 Wreaths are a great way to decorate your home for each season, and this one has held up well for me so far. Continue Reading

How to: Make This DIY Glam-O-Ween Skull Wreath (With Video)

Classy Halloween Decor: Make this Glam Skull Wreath

I don't know about you, but I've been basically looking forward to Halloween since New Year's Eve. It's such a fun holiday! Candy, ghosts, and ghouls – oh my! Even though I absolutely adore All Hallow's Eve, I'll be the first to admit that the decor can end up on the tackier side of things. Ever on the hunt for classy Halloween decor, I decided to go glam instead. Ditch the traditional black and orange in favor of gold and glitz!      Continue Reading

How to: DIY Contemporary Winter Wreath

Easy DIY Contemporary Winter Wreath

The word “wreath” can have bad connotations, conjuring images of tacky, overly sparkly evergreen monstrosities. But this one is different. It’s square. And it’s made using birch branches which gives it a bit of a scandinavian feel. Click through to see what I mean!    

Easy DIY Modern Square Winter Wreath

The great thing about this wreath is that it doesn’t necessarily have to have a holiday feel if you don’t want it to, but you can easily make it feel Christmas-y with the addition of a red ribbon if you celebrate Christmas. Continue Reading

Halloween How To: SUPER Creepy DIY Bone Wreath

Straight outta Creeptown, a DIY wreath covered in bones. ACTUAL BONES, folks.     

Not human, obviously, but a whole lot of saved-up chicken bones. If you’ve got a serious hankering for chicken, or can convince several friends to save their poultry bones for you, take a look at this ghoulish Halloween wreath tutorial from Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff. It’s guaranteed to creep out your guests this Halloween!

LINK: DIY Halloween Bone Wreath from The Art of Doing Stuff

Roundup: 12 Ideas For Decorating Your Door This Fall

12 door decorations for fallDon’t let your door go naked this fall. Kick off the autumn season with some wreaths, door mats, and other crazy cool decoration ideas! The garage door decor might be my fave.      


12 fall door decor ideas1. Skeleton wreath via BHG

2. BOO doormat via Design Improvised

12 fall door decor ideas

3. Bat-filled front door via Country Living

4. Olive branch wreath via A Northwoods Wedding 

5. Wood disc natural fall wreath via Finding Home Online 

12 door decor ideas

6. Painted monogram frame via Thistlewood Farms

7. Continue Reading

Make It: Modern DIY Geometric, Himmeli-Inspired Wreath

I’m generally not a big wreath person, but every now and then I see one that causes me to rethink my opinion on the matter, like this modern Himmeli-inspired version!       

Not only is this geometric wreath from Vintage Revivals totally awesome, it’s a surprisingly inexpensive project. Why? Because it’s made from cocktail straws and floral wire!

Check out how to make your own right here.