You Tube DIY Roundup!

Hey buckaroos, today’s roundup includes how-to’s galore! First out of the shoot is Big Lou telling us how to keep our refrigerators cold by maintaining our gaskets.


Need a new floor that’s pliable, durable and diy-able? Take a look at this rubber floor installation.



And finally, under the icky-but-educational category, comes unclogging drains using the Zip-It, which looks like it might just work. 





You Tube DIY Roundup

Lots of good stuff on You Tube these days! Check out this quick and easy how-to that’ll save you money and clean up time when your next painting project rolls around. (Get it ‘rolls’?)

My new best friend Big Lou teaches us how to fix a squeaky door.

And finally, check out this incredibly funny yet horrible safety video on how NOT to do it yourself. Talk about having a bad day. 


YouTube DIY Roundup

Today's video roundup is nothing but fun. We'll look at some new products, an easy way to add some style to ordinary glass and a very low tech–and funny–DIY security system.

First, take a look at some products featured at the 2007 International Builders Show. (Who wouldn't want a refridgerator with a remote?)

Ask the Decorator shows us how to etch glass with our own home made stencils. 

And finally, Big Lou–who sounds like she could be in the cast of the Soprano's–tells how to 'make' a DIY home security system. Continue Reading

YouTube DIY Roundup

A while back, Bruno regularly posted DIY videos he culled from YouTube’s library. He graciously volunteered handing over the job to…well, to anyone who wanted it. Here’s the first, of, I hope, many interesting installments!

Just in time for spring: a very clever self-watering planter.

For anyone interested in paper-making, here’s a sweet tutorial that will take the mystery out of the process. And it’s something you can do with the kids.

And finally, how to paint a room, Mr. Continue Reading

YouTube DIY roundup

Well, it's been a while since my last roundup of DIY videos on YouTube, and sure enough, there's some good stuff out there I missed the last time around.  Let's get started…

No one know how to not do things better than Mr. Bean. Here, he shows how not to do a few simple home improvement projects: 

Here's a cool, innovative way to mix concrete:

aaand… a short, sweet how-to on making your own handy dandy shirt folder (for FREE!): Continue Reading