Skip the Store-Bought: Here are 25 Genuine Valentines for Your Sweetheart

The holiday of love is coming up, and you know how much we love a simple homemade gift! Since Valentine's Day can be a high-cost holiday, it's the perfect time to take the DIY route and gift cute printable valentines your sweetheart will really appreciate. Whether you're giving valentines to your S.O. or your friends, they'll appreciate the homemade touch. Plus, if I'm being honest, these 25 free printable valentines blow store-bought cards out of the water! 


1. Printable Valentine Necklace Cards – Give your gal pals a sweet valentine complete with a necklace to show how much you care.

Photo: Studio DIY

2. “I Love you More Than” Valentines – What do you love your valentine more than? I know I relate to this “I love you more than popcorn” valentine. 

3. Palm Springs Valentines – These Palm Springs-inspired valentines are flocking fabulous, especially when you add cute 3D elements on top!

4. “Wild Thing” Printable Valentine – Give your “wild thing” valentine something to sing about with this cute printable!

Photo: Persia Lou

5. “Grease” Inspired Valentines – If you're a fan of Grease (who isn't?!) then these printable valentines are for you. 

6. Printable 80s-Inspired Valentines – Children of the 80s will love these RAD throwback valentines.

7. Minimalist Valentines – You can also keep your valentines sweet and simple with these minimalist printables. 

8. Printable Valentine Stickers – Make your valentines sticky instead! Print your own stickers for gifting or adding to gifts and cards. 

Photo: Studio DIY

9. Printable Gal Pal Valentines – Don't forget about Galentine's Day! Any of these gal pal valentines are the perfect gift for your friends.

10. Paintbrush Candy Valentines – Get even craftier with these adorable paintbrush valentines with plastic pockets for adding candy!

Photo:  Brite & Bubbly

11. Little Drake Printable Valentines – Show Drake fans a little love with these printable “Little Drake” valentines.

12. Simple Printable Valentine Cards – These simple geometric-inspired blush and black valentines are perfectly sweet!

Photo: Persia Lou

13. Printable Glasses & Valentine – Gift a sweet valentine that includes a set of heart shapes glasses! It's the perfect excuse for a holiday photo opp.

Photo:  AwwSam

14. Enamel Pin Valentines – Gift a little flair to your valentine or your gal pal with these printable pin cards!

15. “I Like You” Printable Valentine – Whether you love or like someone, these simple valentines get straight to the point. 

16. Ice Cream Printable Valentine – Do your valentine a flavor and gift them this cute printable!

17. Printable Mad Lib Valentines – Remember Mad Libs?! Gift a printable valentine you both can play with.

18. Simple Printable Valentines – No matter your style, there's a printable valentine for you in this bunch!

19. Jewelry Valentines – Turn these cute gem-themed valentines into jewelry cards for gifting necklaces to your friends.

Photo:  Landeelu

20. Funny Printable Valentines – Let's be real. These funny valentines tell it like it is! 

21. Colorful Printable Valentine Cards – Keep the color going with these abstract printed cards!

22. “Language of Flowers” Valentines – Demonstrate the meaning of different flowers with these simple printables. 

23. Funny Printable Valentines – These goofy valentines feature your new favorite pick-up lines.

24. Washi Tape Valentines – Give the crafters in your life the gift of washi tape! Tie a little roll of tape to these cute cards. 

25. Printable Stitched Valentine – Stitch the saying onto these printable card for a sweet gift for your gal pals!

Now there are so many cute choices, I have no idea which one to give my valentine!