Make This: Minimal Stud Earring Organizer

Minimal stud earring organizer you can make from a strip of leather

There's no shortage of organizers for earrings on the internet – that is, if you only wear dangling earrings. Me? I'm more of a stud woman. And since stud earrings are so tiny, it's even more frustrating when they get disorganized! Oh, the hours I have lost trying to find the other half of a pair of earrings. There aren't a slew of attractive organization options out there for purchase, which is exactly why I set to work making this stud earring organizer myself – and you can too!        


This stud earring organizer is simply made from a strip of leather and a dowel, and the best part is you don't need any leather working tools at all to complete this project. 


What you'll need to make this stud earring organizer


  • Small strip of leather (this piece measures 3.5 x 9 inches)
  • Hammer and small nail (larger in diameter than the stud of an earring)
  • A surface to hammer into (e.g. an old wood board)
  • Wooden dowel and hand saw
  • String
  • Hot glue and glue gun


DIY Earring Organizer | Step 1

Begin by cutting the dowel to size. The length of the dowel should be slightly larger than the top of the leather strip. For instance, my piece of leather measured 3.5 inches across, so I cut the dowel to 4.25 inches in length.


DIY Earring Organizer | Step 2

DIY Earring Organizer | Step 2

Place the leather strip on a surface that can be damaged, i.e. an old wood board or cutting board. 

Next, determine the spacing of the stud earring holes. You can eyeball the spacing if you wish, or plot your course beforehand. I measured out my points on a scrap piece of paper, marking six evenly spaced points in a row. Then I taped the paper in place over the leather strap.

To create a hole in the leather, hammer a small nail through the leather, then remove the nail. Following my paper grid, I hammered six holes in a row across the leather. I then moved my paper down* the leather about an inch, and hammered six more holes. Hammer rows of holes down the entirety of the leather strip.

*Note: Leave a space of the leather untouched along the top, allowing enough to fold over the dowel. 


DIY Earring Organizer | Step 3

Fold the top of the leather over the small dowel rod and glue in place using hot glue.


DIY Earring Organizer | Step 4

Add a string (you can feed it along side the dowel, or tie it to both exposed ends of the dowel rod), and hang! Easy peasy.

Make this: Minimal Earring Organizer for Stud Earrings

Detail shot of DIY stud earring organizer

Create this leather organizer - no leather tools required

Minimal stud earring organizer

Make this simple hanging earring organizer in an afternoon.
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There is nothing quite like that feeling of solving an organization problem, and this DIY stud earring organizer checked that box off. Hooray for not digging around in my nightstand for a missing earrings anymore!


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