17 Ways to Introduce this Trending Pattern into Your Home

Selection from the Unmagic Eye Exhibition by Spencer Harrison and Billie Justice Thomson; Photo by Bri Hammond
Selection from the Unmagic Eye Exhibition by Spencer Harrison and Billie Justice Thomson; Photo by Bri Hammond

The home decor world is operating mostly in throwback-mode right now. What used to be tacky is now tasteful, and looking dated doesn’t matter as much. Walk into any big box store like Target, West Elm, or CB2, and you’ll see interpretations of designs and color schemes that originally surfaced over 30-40 years ago. From the resurgence of treatments like terrazzo to the re-introduction of wicker, what’s old is new again. Continue Reading

Pac-Man Pumpkins!

Check out these 8-bit gourds from EvilMadScientist.com. Truly, an example of the creative minds of Geekdom.

“Gourds like these have a hard shell, about 3 mm thick, that is rather hard to cut through. We used a loose drill bit (turned by hand) to make the initial cut. From there, a regular hobby knife (e.g., x-acto) works well. Once the soft flesh and seeds are scooped out, the hard shell can dry to make a semi-permanent display.”

DIY 3-D Viewmaster.

An ambituous tinker dubbed Pyrofer has equipped a Viewmaster with twin LCD screens, which project the same image at varied spacing to mimic three dimensional viewing.

“The 3D object is rendered twice with the camera in a different position each time to simulate the spacing between your eyes giving different viewing angles. Each of these seperate images is sent to each of the LCDs, one for the left eye and one for the right. Sat next to each other on the desk the two LCDs dont look very 3D.”

Here's a video, which, of course, can only hint at the coolness of the project. Continue Reading

How to: Make DIY Shrinky Dinks

Easy DIY for making your own shrinky dinks and shrinky dink paper.

My parents are both science teachers: which means they always ruined the secrets to magic tricks, they forced me to identify every tree by leaf and bark type, and we always created our own versions of ‘science-y’ toys. We used to cook our Easy-Bake Oven meals with foil and a light bulb, and created our own slime with cornstarch and food coloring. Which brings me to our homemade shrinky dinks.

And, when we wanted our own shrinkable art, did we get the sweet pre-printed HeMan or Strawberry Shortcake shrinky dink Paper? Continue Reading