How to Make a Sweet Modern Advent Calendar Village

Wood Block & Test Tube DIY Advent Calendar Village
Photo: Bruno Bornsztein

It’s advent calendar time! As I write this post, the Midwest is being walloped by a snow storm. Nothing inspires holiday decorating like many inches of snow, and to stave off decking all the halls, I created a little diy advent calendar village for our children. Read on for the full tutorial.

Using blocks of wood and test tubes, I assembled a village full of tiny treasures to help our family celebrate the season. Continue Reading

This Simple DIY Advent Gift Calendar Is Perfect for Adults

Adult ADvent Calendar DIY project idea - materials

I'm going to use this platform to declare this: advent calendars are kinda the best. They capture all the excitement building in the hearts and minds of children and they temper it by delivering it in small doses the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Growing up, the method my parents employed was a drug store calendar filled with tiny poor-quality milk chocolates that my brother and I retrieved by poking our fingers through a small perforated square. Continue Reading

Make this Printable Mountain Paper Advent Calendar

Paper printable advent calendar with mountains and stars

One of my favorite things about the festive season is the lead up to the big day; there’s so much anticipation and excitement surrounding the countdown to Christmas. This is why advent calendars are right up my alley and this year I finally got around to hand-making one, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Best of all, being a free printable advent calendar, it’s easy to set one up for your own holiday celebrations – click through to see how!   Continue Reading

How to: Make a Paper Ornament Tree Advent Calendar

DIY advent calendar tree

What do you do when you want a Christmas tree and an advent calendar, but you live in a tiny space? You make an advent calendar tree out of paper and and it solves all your problem, that's what!      

 We live in a pretty small apartment and it's tough to have a Christmas tree up during the holiday season. We love the festiveness that it brings, but we don't love the precious space that it occupies. Continue Reading

Make It: Scandinavian-Inspired Beaded Candle Holder

DIY Beaded Advent Candle Holder

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. And if you’re unsure of what you’re doing with the table, look no further! 24 hours is more than enough time to whip out this Scandinavian-inspired beaded candle holder!      

 Imagine a longer version of this running the length of the table! You could string enough beads to wrap around several of the main dishes. Because it’s so fresh and modern, it could also be used for several dinners during December! Visit Nalle’s House for the full tutorial! Continue Reading

Make a Bucket Advent Calendar


Tomorrow may be December 1st, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to make this absolutely delightful bucket advent calendar. Here’s the materials list for a quick trip to the store:    

  • 9 bags of white tin pails (the maker found hers at a Dollar Tree in the wedding aisle)
  • numbered vinyl stickers (or an electronic cutting machine and appropriate cartridge)
  • Krylon Cherry Red spray paint
  • primer
  • MDF of wood board
  • a pretty flower
  • angled screws
  • drill and drill bit

For the entire tutorial, head on over to Infarrantly Creative. Continue Reading

Holiday How-To: Matchbook Advent Calendar.

Sure, you’re three days behind, and it’ll take a bit of effort to scrounge up the twenty-five matchbooks…but, how can you say “No” to this advent calendar by Sweet Paul!?

“I made this advent calendar for Country Living.Its made of matchboxes and some scraps of paper. Just hot glue the tops of empty boxes to one another so you get rows. The bottom should be 9 and decrease by two until you have a single box.Cut wrapping paper to cover each row, secure with hot glue. Continue Reading