11 Do-It-Yourself Ways To Freshen Up Your Home

11 tips for freshening your home

Spring cleaning. You either love it or hate it. If you love it (like me!), then that’s great! If you hate it, here are 11 tips to help ease you into the art of freshening up your space!      


colorful reed diffusers

1. Make colorful reed diffusers via Sugar & Cloth 

clean upholstered furniture

2. Clean your upholstered furniture yourself via Eyes On The Source 

all natural room spray

3. Freshen rooms on your own by creating your own custom room spray via Fellow Fellow 

clover oil

4. How to kill mold overnight via Apartment Therapy  

clean wool rug with snow

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Impromptu Air Freshener for Small Spaces


created at: 2009-11-02

This exceptional hint originated on an airplane. In its bathroom. Here’s how the story goes: Recently, a traveller on a particularly puny plane noticed that the scent emanating from its one bathroom smelled pleasant, but not air-freshener-y. After a bit of investigating, the traveller found the source. Four tea bags were hanging on the back of the bathroom’s door. The flavor? Good Earth Spice Tea, but any pungent scent of your liking would do. Great idea for sweetening the air in a small space, no?  Continue Reading

10 Homemade Air Fresheners

Vacuum. Squeeze a bit of fresh lime or lemon juice in your vacuum’s bag before sweeping your carpet.

Extracts. Combine vanilla, almond, or other extract with a cup of water, and spritz with a spray bottle about your living space.

Vinegar. Simply place a bowl of vinegar in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc, and let it sit while you’re away for a few hours. When you return, the vinegar smell will have gone away, taking other odors with it. Continue Reading