Make This: Easy Wall-Mounted Air Plant Holder

Make This!: Wall-mounted air plant holder

One of the things I love about air plants – also known as tillandsia – is that they can be displayed in virtually unlimited ways. With soil out of the picture, an air plant can live in any container, on any ledge, in any opening, on any surface; they are one of the most versatile plants in terms of home decor. Which, for someone like me who loves crafting things, is the gift that keeps on giving. Continue Reading

Air Plant Holders – Inventive New Ways To Hang and Display Air Plants

Air plants, or tillandsia, are popping up all over the web these days. And with good reason… they're low-maintenance, inexpensive and are sure to garner attention from your guests. Here are ten super inventive air plant holder ideas, and creative ways to display these curious little natural beauties.    

Air plant holder display ideas



Unique ways to display tillandsia.

1. Painted wooden bell cups make the perfect container for your air plants… check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Lovely Indeed

2. Air plants don't mind being upside down… so take a cue from this photo and house one in an empty glass bottle. Continue Reading

More Gorgeous Air Plant Displays

created at: 2010/02/08

A couple of weeks ago we considered the beauty and growing techniques of Tillandsia, aka 'air plants'. That post sparked fellow Curblier thyrza to share some gorgeous pictures of air plant displays. The top image, which utilized silver chains and hoops is an original creation of thyrza's. I'm totally digging the alien/pod thing that's going on in this thyrza terrarium as well:

created at: 2010/02/08

(You can see more work by thyrza by following this jump.)

Tillandsia rises to the occasion, literally, at this installation by Flora Grubb Gardens at the Bardessono Hotel, Napa Valley:

created at: 2010/02/08


created at: 2010/02/08

Here's another installation by Flora Grubb Gardens in, appropriately named, The Plant Cafe Organic on Pier 3 in San Francisco:

created at: 2010/02/08

And check out these 'domes' of dripping Tillandsias Usneoides (Spanish hanging moss) that featured last fall at the London Design Festival. Continue Reading

Air Plants and How to Display Them

Air plants might look fake, but they're not. Their genus is Tillandsia, and their family the Bromeliad. They can be grown indoors or out, prefer cool nighttime temps and bright filtered light. They also do well in artificial light as well; florescent is best. Tillandsia grown indoors prefer to be thoroughly wetted 2 to 3 times a week, whereas if they're grown outdoors they may never need watering. For food, an air plant will do just fine with a Bromeliad fertilizer (17-8-22) twice a month. Continue Reading