How to Give Your Laptop the Deep Cleaning It Deserves

How to clean your laptop

If you're sitting at your laptop right now, I want you to look down at your keyboard. Get really close. Close enough so you can take a peek under the keys. Now look at the screen. Move from side to side to get different angles. How's it looking? If your computer is like mine was before I cleaned it, then you're probably noticing a bunch of greasy fingerprints mixed with crumbs from lunches past. Real talk: When was the last time you actually cleaned your laptop? Continue Reading

How to make your own all-natural hand sanitizer!

created at: 2009-09-25

Interior Advocate and Curbly member Ken Hoyt gives us a heads up to a DIY hand sanitizer. The great thing about it is it’s based on an all-natural, antibiotic free, 500 year old recipe called Thieves Oil that was used to help combat the bubonic plague. (Take THAT swine flu!) If you don’t believe in its efficacy, it’s been duly researched by the scientific community and the NY Times. Dr. Lawrence D. Rosen, MD, who happens to be a pediatrician, has adapted the ancient oil blend to create a hand sanitizer which he uses at his Whole Child Center, and, as we know, children are walking petri dishes. Continue Reading