How to Transform a T-Shirt: Three Ways

T-Shirt DIY Ideas: How to Transform a T-Shirt Three Ways

The moment the temperature outside starts reaching 90º is the same moment I start reaching for my scissors. Not a summer has passed where I haven't cut the sleeves off a tee or turned jeans into jorts (isn't that the best word ever?). With some scissors and a bit of thread, you can turn a boring tee that you may have otherwise thrown out into your new favorite top. There are a million ways to cut up and refashion a t-shirt – here are three of my favorite t-shirt DIY ideas.        Continue Reading

How to Turn a Flannel Work Shirt into a Vest

Transform an everyday shirt into a chic vest.

This Old House meets Project Runway…and the outcome is fabulous!! It all started with an oversized plaid work shirt and became a fun and flirty vest, a la Marc Jacobs. To make one, you’ll need this stuff:

  • a hand needle
  • a ruler
  • a scissors
  • a seam ripper
  • a sewing machine
  • a shirt, oversized, plaid flannel with a back yoke
  • tailor’s chalk
  • thread
  • this tute from Craft Stylish

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