Try this Christmas Tree Alternative! Wooden Dowel Tree Decor

Although I love having a traditional Christmas tree in my home, that's not the case for everyone. Whether a traditional tree it doesn't fit your Christmas style or you don't have the space for one, this simple wooden dowel tree is a great Christmas decor alternative that still allows you to hang ornaments. This minimalist-style DIY will still brighten up a space of your home and fit perfectly in a corner or even on a tabletop! Continue Reading

Make It: A Space-Saving DIY Twig Christmas Tree!

created at: 12/07/2011

The always awesome and incredibly clever Karen Bertelsen from The Art of Doing Stuff came up with one of the best alternative Christmas tree ideas I’ve seen in a long time: a space-saving, wall-mounted twig tree!  Want to make one yourself?  Here’s what you’ll need!   


Find as many near-straight sticks as you can get your hands on.  Also grab some “removeable poster tabs / tape tabs”; 3M makes these.  After that all you need are your decorations and Karen’s fantastic (and humorous) tutorial!   Continue Reading