Why Everyone Should Know About Their Local Salvaged Materials Store

Why everyone should check out their local salvage store

If you’re on the look out for good deals and unique finds for your home you should check out your local architectural salvage store or community ReStore. Here are some reasons why…   


Architectural Salvage Store

An architectural salvage store specializes in architectural artifacts, old building materials, and unique antiques. I like to say that in these stores history is trying to repeat itself.

Owners of architectural salvage stores rescue unique items from old homes and commercial properties soon to be torn down or renovated. Continue Reading

Make an Oversized Antique Glass Mirror

A worn oversized mirror is something I’ve been on the market for since I bought my house. They’re ridiculously expensive and completely out of my price range. Since it’s been three years and one hasn’t magically been bestowed upon me for a reasonably price, this is the route I plan on taking.  

I want to place this DIYed antique glass mirror in my entryway, and I think the massive amounts of light the space gets will play off of the “imperfections” nicely. Continue Reading

Awesome: Robots Made from Thrift Store Finds!

created at: 08/05/2011If you know me, you know that I not only harbor a deep love of robots, I am downright obsessed with them!  So, when I ran across these sweet little creations, I simply had to share.  Had to, you guys.  I hope you’ll find them as awesome sauce as I do.  

created at: 08/05/2011

Husband and wife duo Nicholas and Angela Snyder from Kansas City are avid robot lovers, too.  But they’ve totally one-upped me in ‘bot geekery: they MAKE robots.   Continue Reading

Designer Q&A: Your Questions, Answered

This week, Linsi from RedefineHome answers some of our best reader-submitted questions.

Happy Monday fellow design lovers. Last week, I put out a request for your design dilemmas and today I’m here to help. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions, I wish I could have answered them all, and so I hope we get to do this again sometime…

The first question is from dantimdad:

created at: 06/24/2011

My home is gradually being remodeled.  Since I love mid-century modern, it’s being set back to it’s 60’s roots.  Continue Reading

Redefine Home: Curbly’s Top Picks for a Well-Curated Home!

created at: 06/19/2011

Using Linsi’s philosophy that a home should be curated rather than decorated, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite pieces from Redefine Home, pieces that we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with!  Ready for our top picks?  Read on!  

created at: 06/19/2011

1. Vintage Hotel Key Rack: $58

2. Coco Loveseat: $1795

3. Mathias Console Table: $950

4. Sailor Mustard Pillow: $48

5. Antique Wooden Beast: $175

6. Fishing Floats: $14

created at: 06/19/2011

7. Wire Nesting Baskets: $10 – $18

8. Continue Reading

Designer Q&A: Ask Me Anything! (and Win Free Stuff…)

Designer Q&A with Linsi Brownson

Hey everyone, it’s my first time writing here on Curbly so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Linsi Brownson, I’m an interior designer and owner of the online boutique Redefine HomeToday I’m here for a little designer Q&A session. Send me your questions, anything from how to pair your grandmother’s antique settee with your contemporary home to creative uses for everyday objects. I’ll answer these in a follow up post next week. Continue Reading

Reupholstery: Suzani Footstool with Flat Welting

created at: 04/30/2010

This little tutorial over on Instructables is helpful for reupholstering an old, old footstool, but the best part is how to turn cardboard tack strip into flat welting to hide the staples. Otherwise, you would glue on gimp or hard-to-make double welt cord. This gives you a slick, low profile finish around the edge. See the full, step-by-step tutorial. created at: 04/30/2010

You have to love the age on this thing. See more.

Can You Really Re-cover an Old Lampshade?

created on: 03/04/08

No, I didn’t recover this.  When Shabby Chic still ran the antique malls, this retro shade was huddled in the corner like a weird uncle.  I think it cost me around $12.00.  That purchse was a few years ago.

But you can, I repeat, CAN, recover an old shade you might find at Goodwill or a flea market.  They are ruined once the big crease takes place.  These step by step directions make a DIY lampshade re-do a real possibility.  Continue Reading

Save the Chandelier; Save the World

Aurora Lampworks of Brooklyn, NY is in the business of restoring chandeliers in places such as the Lyndhurst Mansion and the Federal Reserve Bank. They also refurbish and market period pieces as well.

Federal Reserve Bank, NY

Currently up for sale are a 1960's Lobmeyr Crystal Chandelier ($3550),

1960's Lobmeyr Chandelier

a 1950's German 14 light chandelier ($1830),

and a 1930's Art Moderne chrome fixture ($2425).

And for the fugal purist, check out this polycarbonate globe pendant for 75 bucks.