How To Choose a Gray

created at: 2009/12/28


If gray’s the new beige (or brown), you better get started researching the multitudinous colors of gray available at your paint store. Apparently, others perceive grays in a much wider range than I imagined. My grays have tended to be in the gray flannel family, but Better Homes and Gardens has put together a slideshow of the gray spectrum to show you an expansive array of gray. With these options, you won’t be limited in your accent colors. Continue Reading

How To: Four Lives of a Modern Side Table

created at: 2009-04-22

Good thrifting advice is to go ahead and buy a piece if it stands out from the ordinary. What stood out about this table? The legs. Modern, sleek, solid wood and sturdy. The supports are also solid and can be used again, I’m sure. The table tops are a composite wood covered with formica and  a plastic band around the edges. See three more very different looks you can get with this $6.99 Goodwill table.

created at: 2009-04-22

created at: 2009-04-22

Used as a prop for a tech trade show, the white surfaces looked good but were not holding up. Continue Reading

Runner Up – Most Likely to be Copied

This fun project sponsored by ApartmentTherapy was just what I needed to jolt me out of the winter blahs.  For  step by step instructions on how to turn a plain Salvation Army (I know, disloyal to my Goodwill) nightstand into an upholstered, colorful nightstand, check out January Jumpstart Midwest Project #14.  The award post is under the East winners.  For a few more before and after projects, check out my pictures on my infant blog www.fliptstudio.blogspot.comContinue Reading