12 Refinished Attics

Cozy Attic Bedroom

Have an unfinished attic? Want to finish it? Check out these gorgeous spaces for some inspiration!   

How about an attic pool room?

On an attic bed/bath combo?

A delightful painting studio:

Less an attic and more like a second (or third) floor!

attic1 home improvement

A lovely office space:


The eyebrow window makes this dreamy space:

upstairs bedroom converted from attic space of cottage remodel in Austin, TX

So sweet!

Every day is spring in this attic bedroom:

Attic guestroom:

It’s very purple-y.

Attic Conversion Quiet Room - After provided by Signature Spaces LLC Milwaukee 53216

Stripped down and gorgeous.

attic bedroom

(Primary pic: My Home Ideas)







Find Extra Storage Space for Bulk Items.

A few weeks ago, we won a one-year membership to a discount club at a charity event. (Thankfully, not the one owned by WalMart.) So, to be appreciative of our 'luck', we redeemed the membership, got some fancy photo IDs, and made a few purchases. With only two people in our home, we haven't much use for perishable products, like a five gallon jug of mayonnaise or a gross of Bubbletape, but we did pick up some paper products, cause there's nothing worse than not having paper towels (or toilet paper) during an emergency. Continue Reading