The Attitude Chair


Remember when you were a teenager and you leaned back in your chair and how your parents would yell at you for doing so? It was our, ‘I don’t give a rat’s a$$ what you say!’ stance and it felt good. Deger Cengiz has figured out a way to let us indulge in that rebellious recline with the Attitude Chair. Constructed of wood and MDF, the chair comes with supports that flip out when it’s tilted back. Continue Reading

Embroidery Patterns with Attitude

Bitchin' in the Kitchen

My grandmother couldn’t use a dish towel if it wasn’t embroidered. She always opted for images of flowers or fruit. Oh, they were pretty enough, but they lacked attitude. And doesn’t every dish towel need a little of that?? That’s where Urban Threads comes in. Just check out some of the very spunky designs in their ‘Tasty’ selection. Most of which my grandma would not have appreciated, which makes them even better! 😉 

Bite Me! Cupcake

Choose Your Poison

Each design is $3 and you can either download the pattern or have it e-mailed to you. Continue Reading