Make It: DIY Hanging Pendant Light

diy bead pendant light
Photo: A New Bloom

You’ve most likely seen hanging pendant lights around the web for a while. I love the look, but can’t find the right cord to match. This wooden bead pendant is so perfect for any room and you have to see why!      


diy wood pendant light
Photo: A New Bloom

It’s never seemed easier to me. And the fact that the colorful beads are custom makes it easy to use a different one in each room. Maybe white and gold for the bedroom? Continue Reading

Make It: Scandinavian-Inspired Beaded Candle Holder

DIY Beaded Advent Candle Holder

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. And if you’re unsure of what you’re doing with the table, look no further! 24 hours is more than enough time to whip out this Scandinavian-inspired beaded candle holder!      

 Imagine a longer version of this running the length of the table! You could string enough beads to wrap around several of the main dishes. Because it’s so fresh and modern, it could also be used for several dinners during December! Visit Nalle’s House for the full tutorial! Continue Reading

How to Make Beads from Newspaper.



The only thing cooler than a wicked craft project is a wicked craft project that recycles. The process is similar to the “papermaking” you did in second grade: Rip up small pieces of newspaper, mix with water to break down the paper fibers, shape and squeeze out the water.

I wonder what would happen if you put these in a rock tumbler?

For full instructions, visit A Storybook Life.