Cooking with Beer: 7 Super Bowl Recipes for this Weekend

It’s no secret that the Super Bowl is this Sunday. Which means there will be plenty of football, crazy commercials, and a whole lot of food. If you need help with that last one, I have you covered. Here are seven super bowl recipes with beer on the ingredients list.    

1. Crispy beer battered fish sandwich 

2. Beer soaked oven fries

3. Buffalo chicken beer bread pizza

4. Pretz-ales soft beer pretzels

5. Vegan beer chili

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Christmas Tree Made of 1,000 Beer Bottles.


There are all sorts of thoughts on the environmental impact of choosing real Christmas trees or artificial ones…most of what I’ve seen chooses real ones, though if you’ve already a synthetic one, you should continue to use it.

But here’s another take all together: “Chinese designers decided to take an entirely different approach to celebrate the holiday, crafting a huge tree from 1,000 Heineken bottles. The massive sculpture is currently providing some festive flair to Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China.”



Top 9 Alternative Uses for Beer

Instead of pouring that flat brew down the drain, you might want to try a couple of these tricks. 

Plant food. Beer has yeast in it and yeast is good for plants. A few tablespoons of flat brew added to the garden will enrich the soil.

Bee killer. Get yourself an old jar, punch a few 3/8″ holes in its lid and then fill the jar with beer. Screw the top back on the jar and set it out in your yard where bees and wasps are a problem. Continue Reading