How To: Turn a Bicycle Tube into a Pencil Pouch

created at: 09/30/2012

…or a gadget case, or a business card holder, or a sunglasses pouch. You get the idea; this easy DIY project is incredibly versatile!     


All you need is an old, busted up bicycle tube, some scissors, a button, and a few other odds and ends, and you’ll be on your way to upcycled crafting heaven! Check out the full how-to over on Etsy.

Bicycle Vanity

Benjamin Bullins mixed media discarded bicycle turned into a bathroom vanity

Just when you thought you’d seen everything in the way of bathroom vanities come this creation from artist Benjamin Bullins. Taking his inspiration from a single object–in this case a discarded bicycle–Benjamin then begins to build his mixed media sculptures around it. He infuses his creations with objects that celebrate the culture of New Orleans, his hometown, including the mirror, also pictured above, which was constructed using a trombone case. For more information about the vanity, mirror and bathroom, visit Atticmag.

Studio Tour: Holly Magner of Grovecraft

Holly Magner's GroveCraft studio

“I make things out of other things”. That’s how Holly Magner describes the mission of GroveCraft, her one-woman handmade apparel company. Magner’s main products are felted mittens and unique bicycling hats, both of which she produces at home in her studio. Though it’s not mass production, there’s a lot of stitching involved, with runs of hats or mittens sometimes numbering in the hundreds. As a result, Magner’s workspace is designed to be efficient and productive; the creativity happens elsewhere, the studio is for churning out product. Continue Reading

Bicycle wheels become pot rack; lazy susan

MWT travels extensively to Asia and to Taiwan specifically. An intrepid eater, one of his favorite things there is experiencing restaurant ‘wheels’. The ‘wheel’, or what we might call a lazy susan, is a common–if not manditory–component on Taiwanese dinner tables. Although MWT has sampled many exotic delicacies offered up on the wheel, I have a feeling the wheels themselves didn’t look quite like this one made of an old bicycle wheel. But bicycles have TWO wheels, thus the ‘bi’ part. Continue Reading

Flatpack To Go: IKEA Debuts Bike Trailers.

Those brilliant, brilliant Danes, who’ve given us Jacobsen, Panton, Lars Von Trier, aebleskivers, Hamlet and Beowulf, are now providing IKEA shoppers with no-charge bicycles and trailers to cart their flatpacked goods home. “IKEA initiated the program upon finding that roughly 20% of their
Danish customers ride their bicycles to the stores, even though most of
them live outside of the city. Now for a nominal deposit they can
borrow a trailer equipped bike that makes hauling moderately sized
loads a breeze. Continue Reading